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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Tryon County Committee of Safety
Tryon County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
August 14, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 161-164

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee in Tryon County.

[14 August, 1775.]

Met according to adjournment.

Present: John Walker, Chairman; Thos. Beatey, David Jenkins,

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Jacob Forney, Thomas Espey, Valentine Mauney, James Coburn, Robert Alexander, Joseph Harden, Benjamin Harden, Frederick Hambright, James Logan, Andrew Hampton, John Morris, Charles McLean, John Robinson, William Graham, James McAfee, George Paris, John Beeman, George Black, Andrew Neel, James Baird and David Whitesides, who took the necessary Oaths for their Qualification.

Andrew Neel was duly elected Clerk of the Committee.

Resolved, That Col. Charles McLean serve as Deputy Chairman in the absence of Col. Walker.

Resolved, That each Company elect three members of Committee for this County who on a Debate, are each man to have his vote.

Resolved, That this Association be signed by the Inhabitants of Tryon County, [viz]:

An Association.

The unprecedented, barbarous and bloody actions committed by the British Troops on our American Brethren near Boston on the 19th of April & 20th of May last, together with the Hostile operations & Traiterous Designs now Carrying on by the Tools of Ministerial Vengeance & Despotism for the Subjugating all British America, suggest to us the painful necessity of having recourse to Arms for the preservation of those Rights & Liberties which the principles of our Constitution and the Laws of God, Nature, and Nations have made it our duty to defend.

We therefore, the Subscribers Freeholders & Inhabitants of Tryon County, do hereby faithfully unite ourselves under the most sacred ties of Religion, Honor & Love to Our Country, firmly to Resist force by force in defence of our Natural Freedom & Constitutional Rights against all Invasions, & at the same time do solemnly engage to take up Arms and Risque our lives and fortunes in maintaining the Freedom of our Country, whenever the Wisdom & Council of the Continental Congress or our Provincial Convention shall Declare it necessary, & this Engagement we will continue in and hold sacred 'till a Reconciliation shall take place between Great Britain and America on Constitutional principles which we most ardently desire. And we do firmly agree to hold all such persons Inimical to the liberties of America, who shall refuse to subscribe to this Association.

Signed by
John Walker
Charles McLean
Jacob Forney
Davis Whiteside
Peter Sides
William Whiteside
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Andrew Neel
Thomas Beatty
James Coburn
Frederick Hambright
Andrew Hampton
Benjamin Hardin
George Paris
William Graham
Robt. Alexander
David Jenkins
Thomas Espey
Perrygreen Mackness
James McAfee
William Thomson
John Beeman
John Morris
Joseph Harden
John Robison
Valentine Mauny
George Black
Jas. Logan
Jas. Baird.
Christian Carpinter
Abel Beatty
Joab Turner
Jonathan Price
Jas. Miller
John Dellinger
Geo. Dellinger
Samuel Barbender
Jacob Moony, Jun
John Wells
Jacob Cortner
Robert Hulclip
James Buchanan
Moses Moore
Joseph Kuykendall
Adam Simms
Richard Waffer
Samuel Smith
Joseph Neel
Samuel Loftree

Resolved nem. con. That we will Continue to profess all Loyalty and attachment to our Sovereign Lord King George the Third, His Crown & Dignity, so long as he secures to us those Rights and Liberties which the principles of Our Constitution require.

Resolved, and we do Impower every Captain or other Officer in their Respective Companies to raise sufficient force in order to detain and secure all powder and Lead that may be removing or about to be Removed out of the County; and that they do prevent any of such powder and Lead from being sold or disposed of for private uses; but to be under the direction of this Committee until the Delegates shall return from the provincial Convention; Provided nevertheless that this Resolution is not meant to hinder any persons Inhabitants of other County's from Carrying powder and Lead through this County to their respective abodes unless there is just Cause to suspect that they Intend such Powder and Lead for Injurious purposes; then and in such case notice is to be given to the Committee of the County in which such person resides, that they make such order thereon as to them shall seem proper.

Resolved, that Mr Daniel McKissick do make application to the Council of Safety of Charles Town for 500 weight Gun powder 600 weight Lead, and 600 Gun Flints to be distributed under the direction of this Committee when it shall be judged necessary.

Resolved, That we do Recommend to the Captains of the Several Companies in this Regiment to call together their men in order to collect what money they can conveniently to provide powder and

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Lead, And that they make due return of what money is received to the Committee at next meeting.

Resolved, That this Committee meet at the Court House of this County on the 14th Day of September next there to Deliberate on such matters as shall be Recommended by Our Provincial Convention.

Signed by
JOHN WALKER, Chairman.