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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Pitt County Committee of Safety
Pitt County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
August 23, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 221-222

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee in Pitt County.

Martinborough, 23d August, 1775.

We the subscribers professing our allegiance to the King and acknowledging the constitutional executive power of Government, do solemnly profess and testify and declare that we do absolutely believe that neither the Parliament of Great Britain nor any member or constitutional branch thereof have a right to impose taxes upon these colonies to regulate the internal policy thereof and that all attempts by fraud or force to establish and exercise such claims and powers are violations of the peace Security of the people and ought to be resisted to the utmost, and that the people of this province, singly and collectively are bound by the acts and resolutions of the Continental and provincial Congresses, because in both they are freely represented by persons chosen by themselves and we do Solemnly and Sincerely promise and engage under the sanction of virtue, honor, and the sacred love of liberty and our country, to maintain and support all and every the acts resolutions and Regulations of the said Continental and provincial Congresses to the utmost of our power and abilities. In testimony whereof we have hereto set our hands this 23d day of August, 1775.

Isaac Noble,
Joseph Hickman,
Abram Rodgers,
John Rodgers,
Robert Sanders,
John Perry,
Richd Rives,
James Little,
James Everette,
Henry Barnhill,
John Ward,
Wm Bell,
Wm Stafford,
Geo. Harreass,
Benj. Hing,
Peter Albritton,
Matthew Cartwright,
Obed Eason,
Thomas Walston,
Thomas Wallis,
David Williams,
Matthew Laffoor,
John Jenkins,
Israel Mobley,
Rich Moye,
John Frye,
David Peebles,
Sterling Dupree,
Wm Clark,
Wm Corbett,
Jacob Blount,
Joseph Oliver,
Moses Tison,
Noah Tison,
Shadrack Moore,
John Mills,
James J. Williams,
Wm Clemin,
Wm Mills,
Benj. Arrington,
John Harrelle,
Charles Hardell,
Thomas Whitfield,
Absalom Garom,
Joseph Watze,
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Owen Craney,
Abraham Belcher,
Peter Cartwright,
David Hines, Jr.,
Jesse Proctor,
Abner Eason,
Hugh Craney,
Elige Ward,
Christopher Ward,
Christopher Mercer,
James Lanier,
Wm Daldum,
Peter Rieves,
John Tison,
Benjamin Brown,
Jonathan Jolly,
John Jolly,
Solomon Charry,
Thomas Carson,
Daniel Buntin,
Phillip Pipkin,
Richard Williams,
Thomas Mercer,
Nathaniel Moore,
George Sugg,
Solomon Albertson,
Trustrum Rodgers,
Jno Baptist Cartwright
George Spell,
Jesse Summerlin,
John Houed,