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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Rowan County Committee of Safety
Rowan County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
September 20, 1775 - September 25, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 252-254

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee in Rowan County.

Salisbury September 20th, 1775.

The Committee for the County of Rowan met according to Adjournment.

Present: Samuel Young in the Chair, James Brandon, Clerk; Alexander Osborn, John Brevard, Griffith Rutherford, William Alexander, Francis McCorkle, James Wilson, Joseph Dixon, Nunan Steel, John Montgomery, David Caldwell, John Nesbett, James Smith, George Davidson, William Davidson, William Gant, Samuel Harris, Peter Mull, Joseph Lawrance, Ephriam McClain, John Davidson, William Cowan, Junr, Robert Moore, John Hardin, Josiah Black, Jacob Nicholas, Mathias Barringer, Peter Ager, Thomas Blackshier, Isaac Wilcockson, Hugh Brevard, John Lewis Beard, Christr Beekman.

Josiah Black and John Hardin contending for the Captains Commition of a vacancy on the Cautaba river,

Resolved, That they return home and give public notice to the Inhabitants of the district to meet at William Walkers on the fifth day of October next to choose and elect their Officers, and that Christopher Beekman is directed to see said election regularly and justly carried on, and that James Greenlee and Andrew Work be the Clerks for said Election, who are directed to deliver the polls of said Election to Christopher Beekman, who shall make due return thereof to the Committee in Salisbury—and that the Bounds of said district shall be as follows, viz: to start upon the Cautaba river half a mile above Joseph Dobson's, running thence to John Kennedy's on Silver Creek, thence up said Creek to the Tryon line, thence down said line oposit to Whitner's bottom on Jacobs River, thence to Silver Creek Rode, thence to Jacob Ferriberry's upon the Main Cautaba river, thence up said river to the beginning.

Number of Taxables given in by the following Captains, Viz:
Captain McCray's
Capt. Archibalds
Capt. Berkley's
Capt. Wm Davidson's
Capt. McCorkle's
Capt. Robinson's
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Capt. Mathias Barringer's
Capt. Beekman's
Capt. Dickson's

Adjourned to the 21st after 6 o'clock in the morning.


The House met according to adjournment.

Mr. John Work complained that David Vance is indebted to him by note near fourteen Pounds proc. Resolved that the said John Work demands this debt of the said David Vance, and upon nonpayment thereof to demand Security for the payment of the same in three months from the date thereof, and upon refusal to apply to the Clerk of the Court for the ordinary process for the recovery of the same.

Whereas Captain George Davidson hath been charged by some persons with supplying the Cherokee Indians with Ammunition. But upon examination of the evidences find that the accusation is false and groundless. The said Captain Davidson is by this house thought clear of the above charge.

Whereas, Robert Latta complained to this Committee that sundry persons is Indebted to him & will not pay their accounts,

Resolved, That the said Robert Latta again make demand of each person his debt, & upon non-payment, to demand Security for the payment of the Same on the first day of November next. Upon failure thereof he is hereby authorized to sue for the same.

Resolved, That Captain Brevard cite John Perkins to appear before the next Committee in Salisbury to give an account of his political sentiment relative to American freedom.

Resolved, That Captain Dixon, John Brevard, Captain Davidson, Colo Osborn, Colo Rutherford, James Kerr, William Alexander and James Brandon be a Committee to attend at Adam Terrence's on the 25th Instant, before whom a certain James Garniss shall be caused to appear by Capt William Davidson to render an account of his political sentiments relative to American Liberty and be subject to the determination of said Committee.

Resolved, That Capt William Davidson give notice to John Oliphant to appear before next Committee in Salisbury to render an account of some late conduct in opposition to American Measures.

Resolved, That the Chairman of this Committee address to the Committee of Safety in Charles Town, Requesting them to send us

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as large a quantity of Gun powder as they can conveniently spare, for the safety and defence of this County.

And the Credit of this Committee is hereby pledged for the payment of the prime cost and a reasonable advance to Matthew Locke, William Nesbit or Jas. Brandon for purchasing & bringing up the same.

Resolved, That this Committee will pay John Work the sum of five Shillings per pound for the Gunpowder and 10d. per ℔ for the lead mentioned in last Committee Resolve against the first of Feb'y next.

James Brandon, Sec'y.

Pursuant to Order of last Committee, the following members appeared at Adam Terrence's on the 25th of Sep., 1775, viz,

John Brevard, Chairman; Griffith Rutherford, Geo. Davidson, Joseph Dickson, Wm Alexander and James Kerr.

After maturely examining & hearing the Culprit, James Garniss,

Resolved, That altho' the said James Garniss has said some things disrespectfully of the Measures pursuing for the preservation of American freedom, He has heartily professed his sorrow for the same and has signed the Test proposed by provincial Congress.

Signed by