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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Rowan County Committee of Safety
Rowan County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
October 17, 1775 - October 18, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 279-282

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee in Rowan County.

October 17th 1775.

Pursuant to a Resolve of Congress held at Hillsborough in the Province of North Carolina on the 20th of August 1775, The Freeholders and householders in the County of Rowan appeared at the Court-house in Salisbury on Tuesday the 17th of October in the same year when the following gentlemen were duly Elected Members for the Committee in said County, Viz—

William Alexander, Josiah Rouncifer, Sam'l Young, John Archibald, John Purviance, Christr Beekman, Matthew Locke, Moses Winsley, John Harden, Hugh Brevard, David Smith, Israel Cox, Jonathan Hunt, Charles McDowel, Mathias Barringer, Robert Moore, John Brevard, John Dickey, Robert Holmes, Gilharth Falls, Griffith Rutherford, Robt King, Sam'l Reed, John Lopp, William Sharp, James Smith, Hugh Montgomery, John Lewis Beard, David Robison,

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Francis McCorkle, William Moore, William Davidson, Thomas Whitson, George Henry Barringer, John Sloan, John Montgomery, Alexander Dobbins.

The said Committee met on Tuesday evening the 17th of October 1775, when the following Members were present,

Wm Alexander, Josiah Rouncifer, Samuel Young, John Archibald, John Purviance, Christopher Beekman, John Harden, Robert Moore, John Brevard, John Dicky, Griffith Rutherford, Robert King, Samuel Reed, William Sharp, James Smith, Hugh Montgomery, John Lewis Beard, David Robison, John Sloan, John Montgomery, Alexander Dobbins.

The Committee proceeded to choose a Chairman and Secretary—When Mr Samuel Young was chosen Chairman, and Mr Wm Sharp. Secretary.

Pursuant to a Resolve of last Committee John Perkins appeared,

Resolved, That the said John Perkins has given such account of his political sentiments relative to American freedom as is satisfactory.

Resolved, that the principles upon which, and the measures Christopher Beekman pursued in obtaining the appearance of John Perkins before this Committee was reasonable and Justifiable.

The Committee adjourned till tomorrow morning 7 o'Clock.

The Committee met according to adjournment.

Pursuant to Resolve of last Congress the Number of Souls in Rowan County appears as followeth—

Males, 16 to 50. Above 50, Under 16. Women, White. Females, Children. Male Slaves Taxable. Female Slaves Taxable. Slaves Not Taxable.
Capt. Knox
Capt. Dickson
Capt. Davidson (up River)
Capt. McConrys
Snow & Rocky Creeks

A letter from William McBride Esqr directed to the Chairman and Gentlemen of the Committee in Rowan County, being read,

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Ordered, that the Letter lie on the Table for consideration one hour.

On motion Resolved, That when a Creditor makes it appear on oath, that he hath by advertising or otherwise given sufficient Notice to his Debtor or Debtors for all sums under five pounds, to come in and make payment or give sufficient security for the same, and it appearing that the Debtor or Debtors Refusing or neglecting to comply, it is the opinion of this Committee that it will be sufficient evidence to give leave to bring suits.

The order of the day being read, for taking into Consideration Mr McBrides Letter,

Resolved, That Mr Locke by Letter addressed to him and the people up the River, inform them the proceeding of last provincial Congress.

Pursuant to order of last Committee Samuel Lowrie appeared,

Resolved, That he have till the first Tuesday in next month to Determine on his political sentiments, relative to American freedom, and that he appear before the Committee at that time.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the several Militia Companies who have not yet cordially imbodied themselves and chosen officers, to adhere as near as may be to the Districts prescribed by last Court Martial.

Resolved, That the several Militia Companies in this County, be sufficiently notified by their old officers when there has been no election, and by their new ones where they are appointed, to meet some Day before the next Committee to sign the Test appointed by Congress; and all mistriable persons neglecting or refusing to sign the Test aforesaid, shall be Noticed by one of the Officers to appear before the said Committee to show cause for such refusal or neglect, and return the Test signed to Committee.

A Petition signed by 22 members of the South Division of Capt. Berkeley's Company praying a new Election of Officers, being proposed and read—Resolved, That the prayer of said petition be granted.

On Motion Resolved, That the secretary of this Com. provide paper, write certificates (leaving a blank for the date and bearer's name) for such friends to Liberty who may apply for the same, affix the Committee seal thereto, and distribute a sufficient number amongst Samuel Young, Christr Beekman, Matthew Locke, John Purviance, John Archibald, James Smith, Charles McDowell, John

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Brevard, Hugh Montgomery, Who shall be accountable to the secretary for the sum of 8d for each certificate, otherwise return the same, which is the sum allowed the secretary for said service.

Resolved, That Messrs. Samuel Young, John Archibald, John Montgomery, Jonathan Hunt, Robt. King, Matthew Locke, Samul Reed, James Smith and William Sharp, shall attend at Mr Jonathan Hunt's, on Tuesday the last Instant to confer with the inhabitants of the forks of Yadkin on the subject of American freedom.

Resolved, That the Chairman of this Committee by Letter addressed to the several Committees of Petersbourgh, Campbelton, Chowan, George Town, Cambden and Charles Town, desiring them by no means to purchase any sort of produce or other article, or sell any manner of articles, or necessary, to any person, or persons from the County of Rowan, unless they first produce a certificate signed by the Secretary, and impressed with the seal of the Committee in said County.

Resolved, That Mr Samuel Young have leave to bring suit against James Fitzpatrick, Debt above £5.

The Committee adjourned till Tuesday the 7th of next month.

Minutes read and signed by order of Committee.

Wm Sharp, Sec'y.