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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Pitt County Committee of Safety
Pitt County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
October 24, 1775 - October 25, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 295-296

-------------------- page 295 --------------------
[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of Safety Committee in Pitt County.

October 24th, 1775.

At a meeting begun at the Court house in the Town of Martinborough on the 24th Day of October Anno Dom 1775, Benjamin Bowers Sheriff Returned that at an Election held on the 17th of this Inst. the following persons ware Elected as a Committee for this County for the Ensuing Year, Viz,

John Simpson, John Williams, George Moye, William Travis, Richd Grist, Arthur Forbes, James Gorham, Edwd Williams, William Robson, Godfrey Stancill, Simon Pope, Benj. May, James Lanier, William Jones, Dennis Cannon, James Latham, David Perkins. Robert Salter, Jesse Jolley, George Evans and Thos. Wolfenden.

Whereupon the following persons to witt appeared—

John Simpson, Jas. Gorham, Godfrey Stancill, John Williams, George Moye, Richd Grist, Arthur Forbes, Edwd Williams, Wm Robson, Simon Pope, Thos. Wolfenden,

And proceeded to Choice of a Chairman, Colo John Simpson was proposed and approved of & Chose Thos. Wolfenden their Clerk.

The List proposed by the provintial Congress held at Hillsborough on the 21st of Aug last was Read & approved of by this Committee.

Thos. Williamson, James Gorham, John Barber, William Jones, John Jones, Richard Grist, Edward Williams, David Perkins, John Williams, George Evans, Thos. Wolfenden, James Lanier, James Latham, Simon Pope, Arthur Forbes.

Benjamin Bowers Sheriff Returned that at Election held on the 17th of this Inst. at Martinborough that John Simpson, Edwd Salter & William Robson was Elected to Represent this County in provintial Congress the Ensuing year agreeable to the Directions of the Late provintial Congress held at Hillsborough.

The Committee adjourned till tomorrow.



The Committee mett according to adjournment, October 25th, 1775.

Ordered that a general permission is given to all persons to present or warn overseers of Roads for Neglecting their Duty.

On motion Capt. John Cooper have leave to bring sute against John Knox & to Warrant Pattrick Robin Jr, Ordered that any

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three of this Committee may Receive Complaints from any person and give a Certificate to a majestrate to grant.

Ordered that the following persons be chosen a Select Committee of Secrecy, intelligence, and observation, Mr Arthur Forbes, Geo. Evans & Thos. Wolfenden.