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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Tryon County Committee of Safety
Tryon County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
October 24, 1775 - October 25, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 296-298

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee in Tryon County.

[24th October 1775.]

Met according to adjournment.

They proceeded and chose Wm Graham Esq. Chairman.

Present: John Walker, Andrew Neil, James Baird, George Paris, John Morris, Andrew Hampton, members of the old Committee; & Alexander Gilliland, John Dellinger, Robert Armstrong, Robert Parks, John Scott Jr & John Earle members of the new Committee.

Committee adjourned till to-morrow morning at 8 o'clock.

Met according to adjournment.

Present: William Graham, Chairman; Robert Parks, James Coburn, John Earle, Geo. Paris, John Scott, John Dellinger, Nicholas Friday, Andrew Hampton & Alexander Gilliland.


We the subscribers professing our allegiance to the King and acknowledging the Constitutional Executive power of Government, do Solemnly profess, Testify & Declare, that we do absolutely believe, that neither the parliament of Great Britain nor any member or Constituent Branch thereof hath a right to impose Taxes upon these Colonies to regulate the Internal police thereof and that all attempts by fraud or force to establish & exercise such claim & power are violations of the peace & security of the people, and ought to be resisted to the utmost, and the people of this province singly and collectively are bound by the Acts and Resolutions of the Continental and Provincial Congresses, because in both they are freely represented by persons chosen by themselves, and we do solemnly and sincerely promise, and engage under the Sanction of Virtue, Home and the Sacred Love of Liberty and of our Country, to maintain and support

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all and every the Acts, Resolutions & Regulations of the said Continental and Provincial Congresses to the utmost of our power and abilities. In Testimony we have hereunto set our hands the 25th day of October, A. D. 1775.

John Dellinger
John Morris
David Jenkins
James Logan
Wm Gilbert
John Earle
Robert Parks
Alexander Gilliland
John Scott
James Coburn
Andrew Hampton
Robert Alexander
Robert Porter
Joseph Hardin
John McKinney
Thomas Townsend
John Ashley
William Yancey
Frederick Hambright
Francis Armstrong
James Baird
Robert Armstrong
William Moore
Nicholas Walton
Jonathan Potts
George Potts

Resolved by this Committee that any two members thereof upon application made upon Oath to them of any person or persons who is Debtor is about to abscond, Remove or otherwise to defraud his Creditors of his Debt, may grant a certificate of the same to the Clerk of the County who is hereby directed to proceed in the usual forms of Law against such Debtor.

Resolved, That Debts Recoverable before Magistrates be under the same Restrictions as the above Resolve.

Resolved, That when any absconding Debtor or Debtors hath left any goods in the County behind him on application of his or their Creditor to any two of the Committee as aforesaid on Oath to the amount of his or their Debt, the said Two shall grant an order to such person as they shall Depute for that purpose to seize the goods to the amount of the said Debt and Deliver them into the possession of the said Creditor or Creditors, who shall give Bond & Security to the said Committee to Deliver or otherwise to be accountable for the Same when called for in Law or otherwise.

Resolved by this Committee, and it is hereby Recommended to all the good people of this County not to construe the Association to Break off all Dealings or Commerce with such persons who refuse to subscribe the same, so as to extend to any Acts of Inhumanity or

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Coerce them by famine, such as refusing to grind at Mills, or refusing them the necessaries of life.

John Price came into Committee & made oath that he is Credibly Informed that Benj. Kuykendall his Debtor is about to remove himself out of this County. It was therefore ordered, that the Clerk of the Court issue a Writ against the Body of the said Debtor so as to hold him to Bail.

Committee Adjourned till the fourth Tuesday of January Next.