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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Rowan County Committee of Safety
Rowan County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
November 07, 1775 - November 09, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 309-313

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee in Rowan County.

Nov 7th 1775.

The Committee of the County of Rowan met 7th of November 1775, according to adjournment.

Present: Mr Samuel Young Chm; Griffith Rutherford, Jonathan Hunt, David Smith, James Smith, Josiah Rouncifer, John Dickey, John Brevard, John Losse, Thomas Whitson, Matthew Locke, John Lewis Beard, Hugh Montgomery, William Sharp, Robt. Moore, John Archibald, Robert King, William Moore, Samuel Reed, John Purviance, Alexander Dobbin.

Pursuant to Resolve of last Committee a number of Capt James Smith's Company being cited, appeared, three of whom signed the Test.

Ordered, That the remainder have till to-morrow morning to consider of the matter.

The Committee adjourned till to-morrow morning 8 o'clock.

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Wednesday 8th Novr 1775.

The Committee met according to adjournment.

James Hemphill has leave to bring suit against Francis Bishop. Debt under £5 one.

James Hamilton has leave to bring suit against Thomas Bailee for Assault & Battery.

Resolved, That Mr Joseph Hughes be admitted to the same privileges as those who sign the Test, on account of some extraordinary circumstances attending him.

Resolved, That all suits now depending in the Inferior Court, in the county of Rowan, ought to be tryed as soon as possible, but no Execution Issue without leave.

Resolved, That any three members of this Committee may give leave to creditors to bring suits, and issue orders to detain the bodies or goods of such as are about to remove out of the County, in the same manner as this Committee could do when constituted. And any three members proceeding as aforesaid shall make due return in writing to the next ensuing Committee.

Robert Wilson has leave to bring suit against William Martin for Debt under £5.

William Durham, agreeable to citation appeared before the bar of this Committee to render an account of his political sentiments, relative to American freedom.

Ordered, That he have till tomorrow morning 8 o'clock to consider of the matter and that he then appear before the Committee.

Mr James Smith, Chairman of the Committee appointed to sit at Col Hunt's the last of last month, Reports that either through disaffection to American Measures, or want of Notice, or Neglect, the people failed to appear, whereby the design of your Committee is frustrated.

Resolved that Mr John Brevard, John Dickey, Moses Winsley and Hugh Brevard, or any three of them attend at Capt William Davidson's on the 20th Instant to see that the company of Minute Men whom he has enlisted are embodied, and able, effective men, and make report to the next Committee.

Resolved, That Mr Thomas McGuire raise a sufficient guard of men, and compell the appearance of Alexander Allison and John Hale before this Committee at next session to render an account of their political sentiments, relative to American freedom.

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Whereas William Spurgeon and Matthias Sappinfield continues incorigible enemies to American Measures for the defence of their freedom, therefore

Resolved, That Col. Martin Dispatch two officers, with a sufficient number of soldiers and take the Bodies of the said Spurgeon and Sappinfield, and them, or either of them bring before this session of Committee, or otherwise have them confined in the common gaol of this county until the next sitting of the same.

Jacob Beck being brought to the bar of this Committee to give an account of his political sentiments, ordered, That he have till tomorrow morning to consider of the matter, and Capt. David Smith is surety for his appearance.

Adjourned till to-morrow morning 9 o'clock.

Thursday 9th November, 1775.

The Committee met according to adjournment.

Dennis Burgess has leave to take possession of a sufficient quantity of the goods & chattels of Thomas Bidwell (who has absented himself from this County) as security for a debt under £20.

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee that it was not the design of the provincial Congress to restrain plaintiffs from bringing suits for trespass with force and Arms Assaults, Batteries, Slanders, and such like Torts and injuries, or compell the plaintiff in such cases to make a previous application to the Committee. We do therefore allow such suits to be commenced, and proceeded upon as far as judgment, without such application.

Resolved, That John Bones be appointed door-keeper for this Committee & that he be paid by the members thereof three shillings per day.

Ordered, That Col Adlai Osborne deliver to Col Martin a quarter cask of gun powder and 50 ℔s of lead out of the publick Magazine of this County, and take a receipt for the same in behalf of this Committee.

Resolved, That Captain David Smith have leave to absent himself from this Committee, and take and bring back the body of Jacob Beck, who failed to appear agreeable to the order of the Day.

Ordered, That Colo Adlai Osborn deliver Capt. David Smith one pound of powder and two ℔s of lead out of the magazine and take his receipt.

Resolved that Capt. Dickson's Company choose proper officers, and

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return their names to next Committee for approbation, and the Company be subject to the officers so elected.

Resolved, That the Chairman of this Committee by letter addressed to Col. Hunt, Andw Hunt, James Bryans Junr and John Johnston, directing them to advertise all the friends to American Liberty in the forks of the Yadkin to meet at John Johnston's on the last Friday of this month to Elect proper officers for one or more Militia Companies, and that it be recommended to Colo Rutherford to attend at the same time, to render all the friendly services in his power to obtain so desirable an end.

Resolved, That Mr Moses Winsley take into his possession the guns, powder and other ammunition in the hands of John Work & give him an obligation in behalf of this Committee for the payment of the same at the price directed by Congress, and this Committee does obligate themselves to indemnify Mr Winsley for the same.

Resolved, That Colo Rutherford, Matthew Locke, Maxwell Chambers, Matthew Troy, Samuel Young, James Smith, and William Nesbit be a Committee of Secrecy, Intelligence and Observation for the county of Rowan and Town of Salisbury.

A Letter from Benjamin Booth Boote dated Charlestown, October 31st, 1775, directed to this Committee, purporting that the General Committee of Charles Town has offered to release the said B. Booth Boote and John Dunn, Esqis, on condition that the said Boote and Dunn would promise to observe a strict Neutrality with respect to the Common Cause, and also indemnify the persons most active in sending the said Boote & Dunn in So. Carolina, and further purporting that said Boote & Dunn would not agree to the latter condition. Also desiring this Committee to make provision for his family in case he is not released.

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee that the Resolve of the Provincial Congress, communicated to the Committee of Intelligence of So. Carolina respecting said B. Booth Boote should be observed. That the conditions mentioned in said Boote's Letter is unnecessary, since this Committee consider the Honour, not only of this county, but the Province, engaged to indemnify those who conveyed the said Boote out of the province.

Resolved, That the said Boote's family be provided for at the discretion of the Town Committee of Salisbury.

Ordered, That the Secretary of this Committee certify a copy of the aforesaid Letter and order thereon, and direct the same to the General Committee in Charles Town.

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A letter from the Honble Alexander McCulloch, Esqr, dated Halifax County, Sept. 26th, 1775, directed to the Chairman of this Committee, expressing the most generous sentiments in support of American freedom, and defending himself against a charge of undue influence on the minds of Messrs Frohock and Kerr, being read,

Resolved, That the Committee entertain the most grateful sense of the kindness of the author of so friendly and spirited a performance, and esteems Messrs Frohock & Kerr nothing the less on account of the calumny of wicked and designing persons.

The Committee adjourned till to-morning at 9 o'clock.