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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Address by the Commissioners of Indian Affairs for the United States to the Creek Nation concerning Native American support for the British Army
Galphin, George, d. 1780; Rae, Robert; Walker, John; Jones, Willie, ca. 1741-1801; Wilkinson, Edward
November 13, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 330-331

A Talk from the Rebel Commissioners to the Creeks.

Salisbury in North Carolina, 13th Novr, 1775.

Friends and Brothers,

We met here in consequence of our being chosen by the Provinces in America from East Florida to Canada as Commissioners to superintend Indian Affairs for the Southern District, and as we have

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taken a great fatigue and trouble upon ourselves in riding so far and leaving our Houses and Plantations to serve you all and to endeavour to keep you supplied with goods and ammunition as formerly, We hope you will continue our stedfast friends and brothers as you always have been. We have for the purpose of preserving peace & friendship between you and us, determined to hold a Congress at Augusta the first of May next, when and where we do request the pleasure of seeing a few of your beloved Headmen, such as you may think proper to send down in order that they may then send up a Talk from us to you.

From the Talks you have had from the Beloved Men in Georgia and Mr Galphin you have been repeatedly told the nature of the disputes between the father and his children. We hope it will soon be over, & we desire you to have no concern in it. Further, as you promised to Mr Rae and Mr Holmes when they were in the Nation that you would have no bad Talks, we beg you will punctually continue in that determination. You know well that there are bad people amongst us, as there are amongst you, and as we are chosen by all the Beloved Men to act as your Friends and Brothers, we accordingly do wish you may give credit to no other Talks but such as you from time to time get from some of us and signed with some of our names, by which means we shall always be able (we hope) to keep the path open between us and you.