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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from George Sackville Germain, Viscount Sackville to Josiah Martin
Sackville, George Germain, Viscount, 1716-1785
December 23, 1775
Volume 10, Page 364

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind.: No. Carolina. No. 222.]
Letter from Lord George Germain to Governor Martin.

Whitehall Decr 23rd, 1775.


Lord Dartmouth having in his Letter of the 7th of November fully instructed you upon all points relative to the Object and Plan of the intended Expedition to the Southern Colonies, it only remains for me to acquaint you, that the Armament is now ready to proceed upon that Service. It consists of seven Regiments, wanting only three Companies of the 46th, a detachment of Artillery equal to three Companies, under the command of Lord Cornwallis, and is accompanied by a Naval Force, consisting of His Majesty's Ships Bristol, Acteon, Boreas, Soletay, Syren, Sphynx, and Deal Castle, the Hawk Sloop and Thunder Bomb, commanded by Sir Peter Parker.

If this Dispatch should reach you before the arrival of the Armament, which is however uncertain, you will exert every Effort to carry into Execution the orders contained in Lord Dartmouth's Letter above mentioned of which for fear of Accident I enclose a copy, and will take every necessary preparatory step for collecting a Corps of Provincials to serve with the King's Troops and to join them upon their Landing.

I am etc.,