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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Henry Bellew to Robert Howe
Bellew, Henry
December 30, 1775
Volume 10, Page 372

[Reprinted from the American Archives. Vol. 4. P. 479.]
Correspondence between Captain Bellew and Colonel Howe.
Captain Bellew to Colonel Howe.

Ship Liverpool, off Norfolk, December 30th, 1775.

As I hold it incompatible with the honour of my commission to suffer men, in arms against their Sovereign and the Laws, to appear before His Majesty's ships, I desire you will cause your sentinels, in the town of Norfolk to avoid being seen, that women and children may not feel the effects of their audacity; and it would not be imprudent if both were to leave the town.

I am sir, your most humble servant,
To Robert Howe, Esq.