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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Howe and William Woodford to the Virginia Convention [Extract]
Howe, Robert, 1732-1786; Woodford, William, 1734-1780
January 01, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 379-380

[Reprinted from the American Archives. Vol. 4. Page 538.]
Extract of a Letter from Colonels Howe and Woodford to the Virginia Convention, dated Norfolk, ten o'clock, p. m. Jany 1st, 1776.

Between three and four o'clock, a severe cannonade began from all the shipping, under cover of which they landed small parties,

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and set fire to the houses on the wharves. The wind favoured their design and we believe the flames will become general.

In the confusion which they supposed would ensue, they frequently attempted to land; but this, by the bravery of our officers and men, we have hitherto prevented, with only a few men wounded on our side, and we persuade ourselves, with a good deal of loss on theirs. Their efforts and our opposition, still continue. We have stationed ourselves in such a manner as will, we believe, render everything but burning the houses ineffectual. We wait with impatience your further orders, and are

Respectfully &c.