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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Wilmington Committee of Safety
Wilmington (N.C.). Committee of Safety
January 17, 1776 - January 20, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 418-420

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee at Wilmington.

Wednesday, January 17th, 1776.

At a meeting of the Committee.

Present: John Ancrum, Chairman; Wm Wilkinson, Deputy Chairman; Archd Maclaine, Corns Harnett, Herrall Blackmore, Jonathan Dunbibin, John Kirkwood, Henry Toomer, Jno. Slingsby, John DuBois.

Col. Moore having requested of this Committee to furnish him with 50 stand of Arms,

On motion Ordered that John Ancrum, William Wilkinson, John DuBois and Jona. Dunbibin be requested to call respectively on the inhabitants of this town tomorrow and borrow from them such guns as they can spare to supply Col. Moore as soon as possible with the number of guns he wants, they having such guns valued and giving proper receipts for them to their owners.

Col. Moore having informed this Committee that he looks upon Dr Fallon to be an insinuating and dangerous person among the soldiers and that he can not, without injuring the common cause and running the risk of the public safety any longer keep the said Fallon in the Guard House.

Resolved, That the said Dr. Fallon be committed to the common jail tomorrow morning at eleven o'clock there to remain until he make a full concession for his offences to the public and asks pardon of the Committee for the repeated insults he has in person offered.

Resolved That Col. Moore be requested to order a guard to attend near the jail and to give strict orders that the soldiers shall not converse with Dr. Fallon, that no person shall be admitted to speak to him but by leave of the officer on guard, and that no letter or writing be suffered to be sent out by the Doctor without the inspection of such officer.

The Committee adjourned.


Thursday, January 18th, 1776.

At a meeting of the Committee.

Present: William Wilkinson, Deputy Chairman; Henry Toomer,

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John Slingsby, John Forster, Archd Maclaine, James Geekie, William Ewins, Jona. Dunbibin.

A letter from John Ashe, Esq., to Dr Fallon, requesting the Doctor to attend his family, being laid before this committee, in answer thereto,

Resolved, that a copy of the Resolves of this committee relative to Dr Fallon be enclosed by the Secretary to Colonel Ashe.

The committee adjourned.


Saturday, January 20th, 1776.

At a meeting of the committee.

Present: John Ancrum, chairman; Wm. Wilkinson, deputy chairman; Henry Toomer, John Forster, Archd Maclaine, John DuBois, James Geekie, John Kirkwood, H. Blackmore.

On the application of William Gause and others, in behalf of themselves and the inhabitants of Chalottee and Lockwood's Folly, setting forth their apprehensions of danger from the people of Waggaman, and requesting of this committee a small supply of powder, to enable them to act in their own defence in case they should be attacked,

Ordered, that 20 ℔s. of Gunpowder be supplied to William Gause, from the stock of this Committee, for the use of the inhabitants of Lockwood's Folly and Chalottee, when the said Gause applies for the same.

Whereas, this Committee on the 17th inst., issued a Mittimus to the Sheriff of New Hanover County, requiring the said Sheriff and the keeper of the jail, safely to keep the body of James Fallon, until he should give sufficient security for his good behaviour to the public, for the space of six months in the sum of £500 prock money; and until he should make a full concession for his offences to the public, and ask pardon of this Committee for the repeated insults which he has in person offered. And, whereas, it appears to this Committee that the prison door has been kept open, and all such persons as applied for admission to Doct'r Fallon have had liberty to enter; and the said Dr. Fallon has been permitted to write Letters and send them out without any inspection, although in one of those Letters to the Sheriff he continues to repeat and justify his offences, and as the intention of imprisoning the said Dr. J. Fallon was to prevent him for the future from disturbing the peace of society; this Committee have

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Resolved, That the Sheriff and jailor give strict orders that no person be admitted to Dr. Fallon, (except in case of sickness) but a servant to carry him necessaries, and keep his department clean; and that the said Fallon shall not be suffered to send out any letters or writings but such as may be approved of, by this Committee, or the commanding officer of the forces, and that the prison door be kept locked.

Ordered, That a copy of the above be sent to the Sheriff.

Resolved, That a Resolve on the 18th inst., to send copies of the proceedings of this Committee to John Ashe, Esq., be rescinded.

Saturday night, 9 o'clock.

At a meeting of the Committee.

Present: John Ancrum, Chairman; Wm. Wilkinson, Deputy Chairman; John Forster, Herrall Blackmore, John Kirkwood, Dr. Geekie, Arch'd Maclaine, Jno. DuBois, Wm. Ewins, Henry Toomer.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the commanding officers of the Militia in Wilmington, to warn their companies to be ready at the Court House to-night completely accoutred at the beat of the drum.