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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Tryon County Committee of Safety
Tryon County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
January 23, 1776 - January 24, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 423-424

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee in Tryon County.

At a Committee held for the County of Tryon the fourth Tuesday of January A. D. 1776.

Present: William Graham, Chairman.

Pursuant to a Resolve of the Provincial Congress the Following Persons were Chosen as a Committee for this County who are to serve as such till the third Tuesday of October next or untill the next General Election of County Committees.

For Captain Beatey's Company—David Jenkins, Jacob Forney.

For Capt. Carpenter's Company—John Dillinger, Nicholas Friday.

Captain Coburn's Company—Robt. Alexander, In lieu of Jas. Coburn, Francis Armstrong.

Capt. Harden's Company—Joseph Harden, Benj. Harden.

Capt. Hambright's Company—Frederick Hambright, James Logan.

Capt. Hampton's Company—Andrew Hampton, John Morris.

Capt. Barber's Company—Alexander Gilliland, Robert Parks.

Capt. Magness' Company—William Graham, James McAfee.

Capt. Paris' Company—George Paris, John Earle.

Capt. Aaron Moore's Company—John Walker, Esq., Robert Porter.

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Capt. Baird's Company—James Baird, Robert Armstrong.

Capt. McKinney's Company—John McKinney, Thomas Townsend.

Capt. Kuykendall's Company—Wm Yancey, John Ashley.

Pursuant to which appeared, Robert Alexander, John Dillinger, Frederick Hambright, Alexander Gilliland, Robert Parks, George Paris, Robert Porter, John McKinney, Thomas Townsend, Wm Yancey, & John Ashley who subscribed the Test as required by the Provincial Congress.

The Committee Adjourned till tomorrow 8 o'clock.

Met according to adjournment.

Present: William Graham, chairman; and Andrew Hampton, Geo. Paris, Robt. Parks, Robt. Alexander, Robt. Porter, Alexander Gilliland, John McKinney, John Ashley, Thomas Townsend, Wm Yancey, Frederick Hambright, Joseph Harden.

Resolved, That Wm Graham Esq, James Logan, Frederick Hambright, Robt. Alexander, Robt. Parks, Alexander Gilliland & David Jenkins be a Committee of Secrecy.

Resolved, That no person or persons of the County of Tryon shall sell or dispose of Salt, Iron or Steel to any person within the county for more than Two hundred per cent. from the first Cost, purchased in Charles Town, Cross Creek, or port where salt is to be got, upon the forfeit of paying Ten Shillings Proc. Money for every Twenty Shillings worth they shall sell or dispose of contrary to this Resolve.

Resolved, That no person or persons shall bring up Rum from any place into this County and sell it for more than eight shillings per Gallon, by the quart or any smaller measure at the rate of Ten Shillings Proc. per Gallon; for every such offence shall pay Eight Shillings out of every gallon. Such persons as have License to Retail Liquors only excepted.

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee that the suits depending in the inferior Courts of this County as well on the Civil Docket as on behalf of the Crown Docket to be generally tried, and proceeded on as far as final judgment at the next April Term according to the Rules of the said Court where the Trials can be had with justice to the parties.

Committee adjourned till the first Tuesday in June next.