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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Rowan County Committee of Safety
Rowan County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
February 06, 1776 - February 08, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 432-435

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee for Rowan County.

Feby 6th, 1776.

The Committee of the County of Rowan met according to adjournment.

Present: Mr Saml Young, C. M.; Moses Win, Wm Alexander, Gilbraith Falls, John Sloan, John Dickey, Saml Reed, Wm Davidson, John Purviance, John Archibald, Hugh Montgomery, John Lewis Beard, Wm Sharp, James Smith, Israel Cox, Josiah Rouncifer, George Henry Barringer, Robert King, Matthew Locke, Alexander Dobbins, Charles McDowell.

Alexander Allison being cited before this Committee freely signed the Test and is discharged.

Alexander Osborne has leave to bring suit against Andrew Allison in a case of a three Pound proc. Bill counterfeit.

William Franklin being in prison bounds was brought to the Bar of this Committee and was admitted to take the following oath, viz.,

I, William Franklin do freely and solemnly swear on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, that I will not take up Arms against the friends of American Liberty, nor will I directly or indirectly aid or assist, comfort or encourage any Person or Persons opposing in

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any manner the measures pursuing by the Americans in Defence of their Liberty.

Resolved, That the said Wm Franklin be discharged from his attendance on this Committee.

Ordered, That James Fitzpatrick has leave to bring suit against Daniel Rush for a Debt under £20.

The Committee adjourned till tomorrow morning 9 o'clock.


Wednesday. The Committee met according to adjournment.

Resolved, That Capt Fales and Capt Work are hereby requested immediately, and without Delay, to demand and receive of James Cook (on oath if necessary) all the gun powder and other ammunition in his possession, or by him lent or lodged in the hands of any other person or place. And in case he, or they to whom it is lent or in whose hands it is lodged, refuse or neglect to deliver the same immediately, The said Captains are hereby requested to raise a sufficient Number of Militia to take the powder and other ammunition, and safely convey it to Salisbury, and also to take the Body of said Cook and all others opposing the delivery of the said powder and him or them convey and have confined in the common Jail of this County untill further order is given concerning them. And this Committee doth hereby engage to see the aforesaid powder paid at a future Day.

Ordered, That if James Cook delivers the powder without being brought into confinement, That he be notified to appear before the next Committee, to answer for his former contempt of a respectable Body of this Committee.

Ordered, That James Garnon has leave to bring suit against Moses Thompson for a debt under £20.

Ordered, That Joseph Shettleworth has leave to bring suit against John Robinson for a Debt under £20.

The Committee adjourned one hour.

Met according to adjournment.

Ordered, That John Mackie has leave to bring suit against George Rusal for a Debt under £20.

John Marrah having made it appear on oath before this Committee, that Wm Roberts is indebted to him, the sum of £9 10s, and that said Roberts proposes to remove himself and Effects out of this Province: Resolved, That John Marrah has leave to take into his

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Possession Effects of the said Roberts equivalent to the Debt, or for want thereof the Body of the said Roberts until the Debt is paid or sufficient security given for the same.

Whereas, Messrs. James & Thomas Smith have made it appear before this Committee that Sundry Debtors to the Estate of Andw Smith decd, after being properly advertised have failed to pay, or give security for their dues: Ordered, That James & Thomas Smith have leave to bring suit against all persons so advertised and indebted in sums not exceeding five pounds.

Resolved, That Mr Chairman, Wm Sharp, Mr King, Mr Winslow, Mr Smith, Mr Archibald, be a Committee to answer the people from the Forks of Yadkin and report tomorrow morning.

Inasmuch as the Judgements of God are at present in an extraordinary manner impending over this Province, thereof,

Resolved, That Monday the 14th Inst. be and is hereby appointed a Day of public fasting, humiliation and prayer in this country—and it is recommended that the same be religiously observed.

The Committee adjourned till tomorrow morning 9 o'clock.


The Committee met according to adjournment.

John Orton has leave to bring suit against Margaret Johnston, widow, for a debt under £5.

Charles Adams has leave to bring suit against Michael Wilson for a debt under £20.

James Neston has leave to bring suit against Wm Johnston for a debt under £5.

Resolved, That John Lawrence has leave to bring suit against Masander Brown, in a case concerning base gold.

Ordered, That Richard Johnson has leave to take into his possession a sufficient quantity of the Effects of Peter Kittle, as security for a debt of £17 7s said Debtor having absconded himself.

The Committee appointed to answer the People in Fork of the Yadkin made the following report:


This Committee with singular pleasure receive the Assurances of your pacific Dispositions towards your Neighbours and Countrymen, but would have been much more satisfied had your names been sent us by Mr Brown, that we might have distinguished our Friends from our Enemies, and afforded that Protection and Friendship to

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the peacible they have a Right to claim at a Time when the friends of American Liberty in these Southern Colonies are determined, by the assistance of Almighty God, at the hazard of their lives and Fortunes to quell an Insurrection of the blackest Nature, fomented and supported by the arts of wicked and abandoned Men in the very Bosom of this country.

Ordered, That the above answer be transmitted to the people in the Forks of the Yadkin, who have declared their peacable Disposition to this Committee in the Day of Alarm.

The Committee adjourned till Committee in Course.

Will Sharp, Sec'y.