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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Tryon County Committee of Safety
Tryon County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
February 09, 1776
Volume 10, Page 440

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee in Tryon County.

Met in pursuance of Orders from the Committee of Safety of Salsbary District dated Feb'y 6th, 1776.

The Persons for Tryon County at Capt Hambright's on the 9th Instant.

Present: William Graham, Chairman; Frederick Hambright, James Logan, Alexander Gilliland, Robert Parks, James Beard, Robert Armstrong, John Dellinger, Robert Alexander, Francis Armstrong.

James Logan, Clerk, chosen for that day.

Resolved, according to Orders of Committee of Safety, Each Capt. in his District, cause very third effective to go and joyn the forces Raised in the other Counties in this Province to suppress all Insurrections that is raised & may be raising in our said Province that are against the cause of American Liberty.

Resolved, That Each man that Refuses if alotted to go on this Immergency shall be Deemed Enemies to their Country, & shall be dealt with according to the Resolves of the Congresses or otherwise.

Resolved, That Mr William Moore be now appointed Commissary for the Regiment of Tryon County in the present Immergency for this Province, to go against those that are against the cause of American Liberty, & that the said William Moore shall now on sight prepare Waggons, Provisions & such things as lyes in his power for the Support of the said Regiment, & be Ready at Major Thomas Beatie's by the 15th Instant with such support.


The Committee adjourned till the first Tuesday in June next, according to the former adjournment.


Oath administered to every member of Committee.

I, A. B., Do voluntarily and Solemnly Swear upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God that I will not Reveal or make known to any person or persons whatsoever any Intelligence, Circumstance, matter or thing which the Majority of the Committee present shall think necessary to conceal, and which the Committee by the Chairman, Deputy Chairman or the other presiding member shall order and Direct to be kept secret. So help me God.