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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from an inhabitant of North Carolina [Extract]
No Author
February 13, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 452-453

[Reprinted from American Archives. Vol. 4. Page 1129.]
Extract of a Letter from Newbern, North Carolina, Dated February 13th, 1776.

An express arrived here yesterday from the back country, informing us that the Regulators and Tories were making head there, and intended marching to Cross-Creek, and from thence to Cape Fear. I am of opinion they will get well flogged before they reach Cape Fear, provided they will fight. Our Minute-Men, and part of the Militia, march to-morrow, and will join Colonel Caswell in Dobbs County, from which place he will march in two or three days, with near a thousand men under his command. Col. John Rutherford informed me, this day, that Colonel Ashe, in New Hanover County,

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was on his march, two days ago, against the Regulators &c. with near two thousand men. If three or four more of our Colonels in this Province raise as many, which I expect will soon be the case, they will be able to attack ten thousand Regulars, and beat them too, as I think our men will fight with great resolution.