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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Joseph Hewes to Samuel Johnston
Hewes, Joseph, 1730-1779
March 01, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 482-483

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Joseph Hewes, Delegate in Congress from North Carolina, to Samuel Johnston.

Philadelphia, 1st March, 1776.

Dear Sir,

The Congress have this moment determined that General Lee shall repair to the southwd to take upon him the Command of the forces in Virga North & South Carolina & Georgia which are included in the Southern district, we have also this moment appointed six Brigadier Generals to rank as they stand below in the Continental Service after the others that have been heretofore appointed. Armstrong

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is to go to South Carolina, Moore to stay in No Carolina, Lewis & Howe in Virginia till Gen. Lee shall direct otherwise. Hooper is not yet returned from Boston, I expect him every moment. Penn is now writing to the Council of Safety which Letter I shall sign for Hooper & Self, an express is now waiting, he is sent to So Carolina by the delegates of that Province to inform them of this days appointments and of the Critical state of Mr Lynch's health who a few days ago had an appoplectic stroke and is now in great danger. We shall send off another Waggon in a day or two with what Powder the new Waggon left, also drums & Colours for your third Regiment.

I am in haste Dr Sir
Your mo. obed Ser.

John Armstrong, Brigadier General.
William Thompson, Brigadier General.
Andrew Lewis, Brigadier General.
James Moore, Brigadier General.
Lord Sterling, Brigadier General.
Rob. Howe, Brigadier General.

N. B. The new Waggon went off eight days ago. I hear it is now no further than Wilmington. That one of the best Horses cut one of his hind feet very much with his shoe and cannot proceed. I have this day sent a carefull person down to purchase another Horse and bring the lame one back if it should be found necessary. Never was any person more unfortunate than I have been in executing your order respecting the Waggon &c, of this more at next oppy.

J. H.