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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from an inhabitant of North Carolina [Extract]
No Author
March 10, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 485-486

[Reprinted from Jones' Defence of North Carolina. P. 342.]
Letter from an Unknown Source, Dated the 10th of March, 1776.
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Parties of Men are dispersed all over the Colony, apprehending all suspected persons, and disarming all Highlanders and Regulators that were put to the rout in the late battle. The Conquerors have already taken 350 guns and shot-bags; about 150 swords and dirks; 1,500 excellent rifles; two medicine-chests fresh from England, one of them valued at 300 pounds sterling, a box containing half Joaneses and Guineas, secreted in a stable at Cross Creek, discovered by a negro and reported to be worth £15,000 sterling; also

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thirteen wagons with complete sets of horses, 850 common Soldiers were made prisoners, disarmed and discharged. Colonel Long has also apprehended several of their officers, who are now in Halifax gaol, viz: Colonel John Piles, Major Thomas Collins, Captain David Jackson, Enoch Brady, John Piles, and Thomas Readford, Lieutenant Stephen Parker, and Daniel McDonald, the latter wounded through the thigh, Ensign Denning, and Dr Robertson. There are in the same gaol four persons of the name of Field, one Turner, and three Bells, a Midshipman, and a Quarter-gunner of the Scorpion; likewise one Kingsborough McDonald, Mr. Rutherford, Hector McNeil, and Alexander McDonald, Captains Morrison, McKenzie, Ure, Leggate, Cross, Parsons, McCoy, Mase, Mickeson, McCarter, and Adjutant Frazer, Lieutenants McIver and Hewes, Cameron, Donald Hewes, Donald Cameron, and sundry other Lieutenants and Ensigns, whose names we have not an account of. Kennett McDonald, Aide-deCamp, James Hepborn, Secretary, Parson Beatty, and Dr Morrison, Commissary. General McDonald and Brigadier-General McLeod (the latter of whom was killed) set out at the head of this banditti with the avowed intention of carrying Governor Martin into the interior of the Province.”