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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to William Caswell
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
April 18, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 497-498

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Colonel Richard Caswell to his Son.

Newington, Thursday 12 oClock,
18th April 1776.

My Dear Son,

I am just returned from Halifax where I procured an Order for the discharge of our Troops, a Copy of which I inclose you. I, assisted by some of our Friends, tried to get you & Benj. Williams promoted to the Rank of Capts. in one of the new Regiments to be raised, to no purpose, as the Congress determined Every officer should rise in the Regiment, only that he was first appointed to, by which means your venturing first into the Service of your Country hinders your promotion. Capt. Bright has resigned, Capt. White is appointed Majr of the Second Regiment, so that there are two Captaincies Vacant. Mr Fenner & Mr Herritage ought to fill them, but whether that will be the Case or not I know not. You will be best able to Judge according to this way of settling rank, where abouts you will be & whose 2d Lieut. which I suppose is as high as you can expect to be, you will also be informed that many young Lads who come now into Service as Capts. & Lieuts. will rank before you. Now, whether will you Tamely Submit to be thus treated or will you resign & come home to planting? I leave it to yourself. If you come home, how will you dispose of the Men? I have sent to find John Herritage out but can't learn where he is or what he will do. If you are ordered by a Superior Regular officer to deliver the Men or Join the 2d Regimt, there I suppose you must do it, but if no Such Orders you had better March them to Newbern with the Craven Men & Assist in getting the Artillery along, this I suppose may be done by a Serjeant, and you come up here by Tuesday night as I purpose to set out for Halifax Wednesday morning & would wish you to go with me, where you may either resign or know where you are to go & with whom. You have not engaged your Men for any Regiment, therefore are at Liberty, I think, to turn them over where you can, with their Consent, elsewhere I would not. You may if you will Compleat the Company, I suppose, out of the Militia as £3 is directed to be Advanced and 40s. Bounty. I will send you some Money by Dukey, but don't let this keep you longer if you

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can Avoid it than Tuesday night. If you do not come either let Dukey or some one else come express to me by that Time, If Capt. & Lieut. Cobbs both Come away Mr Kennedy, Mr Cox or Mr Ingram will take charge of the Waggon. Pray see that all my things are Secured in it. If you or Mr Herritage are to stay at Cape Fear, you might keep the Tent, Cot, Table & Chairs with a Case. However this I must leave to you, in which prudence I hope will direct you. We are all well. If I don't See you let me hear any News you may be possessed of. Give my Compliments to Capt. Cobb & his Kinsmen, let them know I expect they will be at Kingston by Tuesday night. I therefore Write nothing to them but refer to Col. Bryan & Capt. Daly.

I am Dear Billey Your Affecte

P. S.—John Herritage says he will not go into Service again under his former Comd.

I send
50 Bills of 2 dollars
50 half dollars
50 quarters do
make £55