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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Henry Stuart to inhabitants of the Watauga Settlement
Stuart, Henry
May 1776
Volume 10, Pages 606-607

[Reprinted from Ramsay's History of Tennessee. P. 147.]
Letter from Henry Stuart, Deputy Indian Agent, to the settlers in Wataugah.

Wattaga—This day Nathan Reed came before me, one of the Justices for Wattaga and made oath on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God that a stranger came up to Charles Robertson's gate yesterday evening—who he was he did not know—and delivered a letter of which this is a true copy.

Sworn before me the 19th May, 1776.
Attest: James Smith.



Some time ago Mr Cameron and myself wrote you a letter by Mr Thomas and enclosed a talk we had with the Indians respecting the purchase which is reported you lately made of them on the Rivers Wattaga, Nollichuckey, &c. We are since informed that you are under great apprehensions of the Indians doing mischief immediately. But it is not the desire of his Majesty to set his friends and allies, the Indians, on his liege subjects. Therefore whoever you are that are willing to john his Majestys forces as soon as they arrive at the Cherokee Nation, by repairing to the King's Standard, shall find protection for themselves and families and be free from

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all danger whatever; yet that his Majesty's officers may be certain which of you are willing to take up arms in his Majesty's just right, I have thought fit to recommend it to you and every one that is desirous of preventing inevitable ruin to themselves and families immediately to subscribe a written paper acknowledging their allegiance to his Majesty, King George, and that they are ready and willing whenever they are called on, to appear in arms in defence of the British right in America; which paper, as soon as it is signed and sent to me by safe hand; should any of the inhabitants be desirous of knowing how they are to be free from every kind of insult and danger inform them that his Majesty will immediately land an army in West Florida, march them through the Creek to the Chickasaw Nation where five hundred warriors from each nation are to join them and then come by Chota who have promised their assistance, and there to take possession of the Frontiers of North Carolina and Virginia at the same time that his Majesty's forces make a diversion on the seacoast of these Provinces If any of the inhabitants have any beef, cattle, flour, pork or horses to spare, they shall have a good price for them by applying to us as soon as his Majesty's troops are embodied.

I am yours &c.,