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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Stuart to George Sackville Germain, Viscount Sackville
Stuart, John, 1718-1779
May 20, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 607-608

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind. Vol. 280.]
Letter from John Stuart, Indian Agent, to Lord Germain.

Cock's Spur in Georgia, 20th May, 1776.

My Lord,

I had the honour of writing to your Lordship the 22nd March from Cape Fear River.

I remained at Cape Fear untill the arrival of the Troops, as General Clinton thought my so doing necessary. Upon the 8th of this month I sailed from thence and arrived here yesterday in the Hinchinbrook armed vessel, in which I proceed immediately to Saint Augustine and from thence to Pensacola.

During my stay at Cape Fear I was cut off from any correspondence with my Deputies in the Indian Countries, and of course received no intellgence of Indian Affairs. Since my arrival here I have been told that the Indian Agents appointed by the Continental Congress have had meetings with the Creek and Cherokee Indians,

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at which a great many of each nation attended and engaged to remain neuter in the quarrel between Great Britain and her Colonies, notwithstanding which I do not despair of getting them to act for His Majesty's service when deemed necessary.

As I have no instructions from General Howe or General Clinton to employ the Indians, and as no plan for my Government has been communicated to me, I shall use my utmost endeavours to keep the Indians in temper and disposed to act when required, without attempting anything further untill I shall first have been honoured with your Lordship's or said Generals' orders.

I have the honour, &c.,