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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Tryon County Committee of Safety to the Rowan County Committee of Safety
Tryon County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
June 12, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 609-610

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from the Safety Committee in Tryon County to the Safety Committee in Rowan County.

Gentelmen of the Commity of Rowan County,

With these we send you under gard Ambrous Mills one of the greatest Enemys of our pese in Tryon County a companion of Robinson, and Been lying out in the mountens since before the South

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Carolina campaign; has held a Coraspondence with Camron; has acknowledged himself to have been in the Indian Nations, he Seems Simple but is Subtile and Insinuating and has had Influence enough to pradgudise not only his nighbours but many at a great distance against the Cause of Ameracin liberty, in Short his Character is so netorious that we expact that every gentelman in Rowan is acquainted with it and we hope that he will be confind till he has a fare tryel in every article above mentioned and a great deal more can be proved against him when required. For further perticquelers Inquire of Cpt Cook Commander of this gaurd; for fear of a Resque we will not inform you of our own Circumstances but hope Mr Cook will think to inform you.

We are gentelmen with great Respact
Your most obedient Humble Sarvents,

June 12th, 1776.

We have sent the deposition of Robert Ranken, a worthy man of this neybourhood that may be depended on.


To the Corronor or Keeper of the Publick Gole for the Distric of Salisbury,

We Do hereby Require you to Take into your Costeday the above named Ambrous Mills a Netorious offender against the Commin Caus of america and him Safely Keep in the Publick Gole until Discharged by Order of Congress or Committe.

Given under our Hands this 15th of June 1776.