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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Griffith Rutherford to William Christian
Rutherford, Griffith, ca. 1721 - 1805
July 05, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 650-651

[From MS. Records of Virginia.]
Letter from General Griffith Rutherford, Commander in Chief of the North Carolina forces to Colonel William Christian, Commander in Chief of the Virginia forces against the Cherokees.

My own House, Rowan County,
5th July, 1776.


By the council of safety of this province I am directed to march with the brigade of the district of Salisbury under my command, against the Cherokee middle and valley towns at the same time that

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you at the head of your forces march against the overhills, and the South Carolinians against the upper towns. By a letter from Mr Hammon, dated the 19th of July, I learn that he left Maj. Williamson's Camp the day before within forty eight miles of Cheowee, and that the Maj. had 1200 men under his command waiting to be reinforced by Col. Thomas with 300, and Col. Neal with 500. But does not learn when they will be ready to march against the towns. I have therefore sent Express to Maj. Williamson and expect an answer about five days hence, which when received shall be sent as fast as possible to you. I expect to rendezvous at the head of the Catawba tomorrow two weeks with 2000 men, ready to march as soon as your situation and readiness is known to me. By a letter from the council [of] state of your province to our council of safety, a copy of which is now before me, I learn that you are directed to co-operate with me, and that you are well prepared for an attack, which in my opinion will doubtless be against the over-hill Towns. As soon as this comes to hand be so kind as to forward immediately an express leting me know, as near as possible, the time you'll be ready to march, which I shall then forward to South Carolina, that we may unite our strength, and as near as possible pursue the same measures in marching forth at once, and by the assistance of Divine Providence, crush that treacherous, barbarious Nation of Savages, with their white abbetors, who lost to all sense of Humanity, honor and principle, mean to extinguish every spark of freedom in these United States. Had I time many lines might be added to the few above, applauding the bravery of the officers and soldiers of your province in the present struggle for the rights of these States.

Sir, Your most Obt, Humble Servt.,