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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of Charles Roberson and James Smith concerning the actions of the Cherokee Nation
Roberson, Charles; Smith, James
July 13, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 665-666

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Charles Roberson and James Smith about the Cherokees.

Wataugah, July the 13th, 1776.

The day before Yesterday Isaac Thomas, Jarret Williams & William Falling arriv'd here from the Cherokee nation in three days and made oath that the Cherokees Creeks & Shawnees were all Combin'd together to Fall upon the Frontiers of the Provinces the Creeks upon Georgia Cherokees on the Carolinas and the Shawnees on Virginia at the same time determined to continue a war with the whites all this Summer but they will Clear the western water settlements the Cherokees have appointed Nonachuckeh their Place of Rendevous during the sd Expedition. These deponents allso sayeth a little before they Came away 15 Shawnees was at the Cherokee Nation Concerting measures with them Concearning the War and Intend to fall upon Louisa as they Return—they say allso that when they Came away three hundred Warriors was in Readiness to Start the next morning to French Broad river where they was to join a Reinforcement from the Valley Towns which was to march Immediately against these Settlements Cameron desired them not to start within 20 days, But the Warrior ansd that the time was appointed & he wou'd not be disappointed, Cameron ansd if he wou'd go then he might, he shou'd Continue to furnish them with ammunition as long as they Continued the war—that many white men was trim'd & painted to Come to war with the Indians. They allso said that very lately some Indians brought in a white man Prisoner with a white mans Scalp & threaten to burn the Prisoner

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but Cameron desir'd them not to bring any more Prisoners in alive but kill as they went the Indians danc'd & Rejois'd Grately over the Scalp, they say that the white men are all Safallitic thats Join'd the Indians, and Intends to kill all the white men they Can and steel all negroes & drive away all Cattle & horses they Can find & these deponents further sayeth not.

Sworn before me the day & date above written.


Whereas we the subscribers have Recd the above Express do hereby Impower the Barer to supply himself with good sufficient horses to forward him on his journey to Jeneral Rutherfords & back.

Given under our hanns July 16th 1776.