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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Maxwell to the North Carolina Council of Safety
Maxwell, William
July 26, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 672-673

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Wm. Maxwell, a Prisoner in Jail at New Bern, to the Council of Safety.

Newbern, July 26th, 1776.


Necessity, I hope will be excepted as an apoligy for troubling you at this time. I have wrote two Petitions to the Council and have sent you two Letters, But has Received no ansr. My Present Condition is Disagreeable beyond description, and before it would prefer death, from any hands but my own. I can say nothing more on this than I sayd in the Petitions I sent, and what was there sayd was the truth, without any Evation, and what I ment to perform, as was becoming a Man of Honor, that had confirmed his promise by oath. I Sr must beg of you to move it in Council once more in my behalf, and if they will be pleased to place confidence in me, Restore me to my Liberty, I hear promise by everything that is Dear to a man, not to abuse such confidence in the Least, but to act as is becoming an

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Individual who has the good of the American Cause at Heart, & if I have an opertunity shall convince you and Every man, that I Deservd that Liberty I now Solicite. I am Confident Mr Harnett, tho' strict in Justice is Ever Compationate and will Consider my present situation, from which I Earnestly pray to be delivered. If Mr Harnett will be so Obliging as to Ansr this by a Line, the favour will never be forgoten by

Sr your Moste Humble
Obedient & Much Ablgd Sert,