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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the North Carolina Council of Safety to John Page
North Carolina. Council of Safety
July 30, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 680-681

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from the Council of Safety of North Carolina to President Page of Virginia.

Halifax, July 30th, 1776.


We have recd your Letter of 26th instant, and we thank you for the order for Lead.

In Consequence of your Request, we have directed Brigadier Genl Rutherford to order 300 men from Salisbury District to March immediately to Stalnackers, to join and co-operate with the Virginia Armament against the Overhills.

The Cherokees as we are told, can muster about 2,000 Gun Men in the whole, whereof one half and that the most warlike Division, live beyond the mountains. It is probable that the force which we have sent agst the lower towns, joined with the So Carolinians, will either reduce them to submission, or drive them beyond the Mountains, in which last case your troops will have to contend against their whole force, for which Reason we have thought it the more necessary to send the requested Reinforcemt.

We have ordered 150 bushels of salt with the Detachmt to Stalnackers, which is all that can be spared.

We are sincerely sorry for the continuance of His Excellencys Indisposition.

We are, &c

P. S. We have taken the Liberty of sending parties to Virginia to apprehend sundry persons suspected of counterfeiting the Dollar Bills of this province; but we hope the necessity of putting a speedy stop to an Evil big with such fatal consequences will apologize for

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our proceeding; and we on our part do not only give Leave to the Virginians to apprehend suspected persons in our province in the like case, but we will also, on request, give every aid in our power for that purpose. We send inclosed the Depon of Shadh Kennebrew, which mentions that a certain Lewellin Wmson directed him to apply to Benjamin Woodards for counterfeit money, and also went thither with him. We have strong suspicions of this said Wmson, but he is so artful that we fear no material Testimony can be obtained against him. As Woodard is in your Gaol, we would request the favour of you, to take and send us his Examination, as soon as may be, particularly respecting Wmson.