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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Blackledge to the North Carolina Council of Safety
Blackledge, Richard
August 01, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 716-718

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Richard Blackledge to the Council of Safety.

Core Sound, August ye 1st, 1776.


I have been here some few days past and have been Trying the water at 5 different places while the people were a geting things in

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Order, to carry on the works, but find as farr as I have been able to Judge, the channel water the best Both for Clearness and stringht we can git. Near one peck of salt out of 32 gall. of water will be got, in this unstedey way of boiling in small potts, and the Open aire.

I send per Capt. John Jones a small sample of the salt, made both from the Channell, and the flatts, though itts not neare cured as yet. I have purchased one Large Iron Kittle of Mrs Wasley at £6 & have sent per Capt. Jones to Bath to Try to Buy three or 4 more for feare ye plates should note come. I am told the Marylenders are making in Large cast flatt Iron Kittles. In case the plates shold arrive, I have spoek to some workmen who saith thay can Rivett them for me. As the Seasons farr advanced I think Boyling will bee Our greatest Dependance for this season, but I mean to make one or 2 setts of works with which I hope we shall make some quanitty of salt by Evaperation but the place whare Mr Williams at work on I dont liek, as I am certain I can erect a sett of works much cheaper & more Exstensive & a deal better foundation about three miles higher up ye River, and from Experance the waters equelly as good & more out of the way of an Enemy, and the Land can be had on such Termes that wont be disagreeable, to the publick. I believe, however I am this day to Treat as to the price of itt.

I shall want some oxen, say 2 yoak, a cart and Timber wheels, a Boat & Cannon, which I mean to try to buy, as oxen at 5 per day will soon run away with the price of a yoak or Two & we shall allways be in want of some. As the properest ways & means to make salt to advantage is of the utmost consequence to the provance, I have prevailed on Capt. Jones to waite on your honours, to offer himself to go to Vergenia, to the salt works there & vew them, & git the best derections that is to be had, allso to offer his services to your Honours as an assistance to me to carrey on they works. Mr Williams hath finished one of his sett of works, & is gon a considerable way on with the second, though much aganst Capt Easten or my Inclination. He expects to make salt next week.

I ant seen the second account, but am told that the £500 you Long sence, lent Capt. Easten advanced, as well finished the second works, or all must stop, as I find his plan & mine wont agree, to carry on to geather.

I am Gentlemen with Esteem your
Honours most Obe. Huml Sert

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P. S. I begg the favour of the Lone of Mr Thos Jones Treates on maeking of Salt, by Brownrigg, to be sent per the post, to the care of my son Richd in New Bern, for which I shall be thankfull, as well as carefull to return in good order. If Capt Jones should go to Vergenia, please wright to the Gentlemen that Superintends the works there to assist him all thay can in instructing him in ye Business, if you should approve of his going, & being my assistance in carreying on the works.