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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Dugald Campbell to Cornelius Harnett
Campbell, Dugald
August 03, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 722-723

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Dugall Campbell to Cornelius Harnett.

Samson Hall, 3d Augt, 1776.


When last at Willmington my Business there was to Wait on you and lett you know the dissagreeable situation I was in with Regard to mustering in this County which still Continues—and only last week a party under arms Came to this house to Demand and Levie fines off me. Tho' I have been Bad of a fever since ever you saw me when at Willmington I indeavour'd to make you sensible how unconvenient it was for me to muster or take up arms—you saw by a factory I left with my friends at home that all the property I have is in Great Brittain and that holding of the Crown. You know and is sensible there are many of my Country people here that wou'd be very Glad of an opportunity to inform again me were they to know I took up Arms for this Country—then my property wou'd be immediately Confiscate to the King—The consequence must be my ruin—and that for the mere form of my

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taking up arms—my own Country people are more inveterate against me than others, for no reason than that I did not or wou'd not Join in the Last Insurrection not only that but advised them I thought I had most influence with strenuously against it which was taken so much amiss among them that I was obligd to fly here for protection. Now Sir I should be very happy and at the same time infinitely obligd to you if you wou'd but put me upon a plan of preserving my property—for little as three or four thousand sterling is its my all and I think as well in my hands as the Kings—I'll only ask you or any Gentleman of sense and property in America what wou'd they doe in my situation—I suppose them at present in Brittain and their property here how wou'd they relish being obligd to take up arms there and consequently lose their property here—I want no particular favour shewn me I only want to be done to as you or any one of the Councill wou'd choose to be dealt with was their Case mine—By and by (as I have no place of residence of my own) I go to some other County to Tarry a While there and then I'm in the same delaima—What am I to doe, God Bless you doe tell me—I as a stranger Beg your advice and assistance in this affair—as I doe and did look upon you as a friend I hope you wont neglect me—I hope you'll forgive the trouble I have given you but necessity has no Law—please offer my very Respectful Compts to Messrs Ashe, Sharp, and Warner. Your answer by Major Clinton I Expect which will be alwise Esteem'd as a very singular favour done to

Sir your most obedeent and very Humble Servt