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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Virginia Council of State to the North Carolina Council of Safety
Virginia. Council of State
August 08, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 736-737

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary State.]
Letter from President Page of Virginia to the North Carolina Council of Safety.

In Council, Wmsburg, Augst 8th, 1776.


We are much obliged to you for so readily complying with our Request to send 300 men to join our Forces, & are in great Hopes that they will be fully sufficient to chastise the Savages, as our Troops when joined by your's should amount to 1750.

We must also acknowledge the Obligation we are under to You for sending 50 Bushels of Salt with your Detachment; that Quantity with what we may be able to procure, will, we hope, be sufficient.

We thank You for the Intelligence You give us from Charles Town, & think it not amiss to inform you, that as there was a Report at New York, that Genl Howe had sent a Re-inforcement to Genl Clinton, it is suspected that the Fleet is bound to N. Carolina or Virginia, & not to New York as was supposed at Charles Town.

Lord Dunmore, with his Fleet in two Divisions, has just left our Capes; one of which steered to the Southward, the other with a fair Wind to the Northward.

It gave us, Sir, great Concern, when we read that Part of your Letter of the 30th ult., respecting your having apprehended sundry Persons in this Commonwealth suspected of counterfeiting your Paper Currency; and it is with ye greatest Reluctance we even mention the Subject, as it requires the utmost Delicacy in the handling of it. The Steps you have taken have already produced great Uneasiness & considerable Warmth in one Part of our Country, a Complaint having this moment been lodged with us on that Occasion. We see, Sir, the Necessity of endeavouring to put a speedy Stop to the pernicious Practice of counterfeiting our Paper Currencies, & will exert every Power with which we are invested, to apprehend any Persons concerned therein. But, we could wish upon all such Occasions, that Application should be made to the Governor & Council for Authority to apprehend the Offenders; which we consider as the only regular Method, and as efficacious as that which You have adopted. We know not whether the Charge against the Persons apprehended is for what is supposed to have been done in North Carolina, or in this Country; in the latter Case, we conceive

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they could not be tried by your Laws, but ought to be sent here for that Purpose. If that should be done, we wish to receive all the Information which may be necessary for carrying on the Prosecution.

We shall, by no means, suffer anything you have done thro' Zeal for the common Good to excite any Jealousies in our Breasts to your Prejudice, & hope the measures we now recommend will effectually prevent all future Uneasiness in either Country.

We are highly obliged to You for sending us Shadrack Kennebrew's Deposition. Benjamin Woodward is removed to Dinwiddie Jail, to be examined according to Law. Nothing can be got from him which can be of any Use to you; but any Information we may hereafter procure shall be sent you.

I have the Honour to be,
Your most obedt Servant,
JOHN PAGE, Presidt
(Signed by Order of Council.)