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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Orange County Committee of Safety
Orange County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
August 27, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 785-786

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee in Orange County.

At a Committee held for the County of Orange at the Courthouse in Hillsborough on Tuesday 27th of August, 1776, John Henly appeared before this Committee and complained upon Oath that a

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certain Doctor Edward Bryan, a Lieutenant of Light Horse lately appointed by Brigadier General Person to attend the Militia under Colo Ramsey, did come to his House with about eight of his Company on Friday the 23d Instant, and there having Procured an order Signed by Capt. John Moore and Archibald Murphy, Two Members of this Committee, (and which he believed to be their proper Signatures) empowering him to press the said John Henly, John Barnet and several Other persons in the service as Light Horsemen—that he the said Bryan actually has forced off the said Barnet accordingly; that the said Henly having found means to make his escape while they were preparing to force him away, he the said Bryan did with much abusive Language Demand Ten pounds from the wife of the said Henly as a fine for his Refusal. He further declares that he has been informed that the said Bryan has advertised a reward for apprehending him the said Henly dead or alive; for which Reason he considers Both his Life and Liberty in danger and Demands the protection of this Committee.

Resolved that this Committee have an utter abhorence to every attempt to force a free man into the Service contrary to the Regulations of the Provincial Congress upon any pretence whatever.

Resolved that the said John Henly ought and will be Protected, by this Committee the same as any other Inhabitant of this County and any attempt to injure him in consequence of any illegal advertisement ought to be resisted by the good People of this County.

Resolved that the Chairman of this Committee be directed to Transmit a Copy of the above Resolve to the Honorable The Council of Safety for this State and to request them in the Name of this Committee to order the Commanding officer of the Corps of Militia which Marched on the Indian Expedition from the Hillsborough Brigade to Send the said Edward Bryan to their Board or to this Committee to answer in due Manner for the Violance Complained of.

JOHN HOGAN, Chairman.