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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Green to Willie Jones
Green, John
September 28, 1776
Volume 10, Page 821

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State]
Letter from John Green to the North Carolina Council of Safety.

New Bern, September 28th, 1776.


Pursuant to a Resolve of Your Board impowering me to purchase Sundry Articles for the use of the Public, I am to inform you I have Vested the amount of the draught in my favour for that purpose in Cloth, Powder and shoes, all which (together with the different Bills) are ready to be delivered to Such person as you may Judge proper to receive them. As I have laid out all the money for those Articles I should be glad to know whether I am to decline any further purchases for the public. Amongst the different Articles purchased I have 408 pr shoes and am Under Contract for 200 pr more to be deliver'd in October, thinking they will be a Necessary article this Winter, but if the Council shou'd be of opinion that the Troops will not want them, my Contract will be of no disadvantage to me, as I can sell them again in a short time with a profit. The Letter of Marque Schooner Johnston, the Lilly (now the Caswell) and the Schooner Polly all belonging to Several of us at this port are safe arrived in the West Indies, One of which (the Caswell) is Just returned. The Neat proceeds of the Two first is chiefly laid out in powder, Oznabrigs, Rum, and Shipped on Board the Johnston, which may be shortly expected. She Sail'd with the Caswell as a feint and Intends waiting in the passage for a Brigg Laden with Sugar & Rum &c., which was to sail soon after he left St Croix bound for Europe. If the Public shou'd have Occasion for the Powder & Oznabrigs on her Arrival here I should be glad to have timely Notice.

I have the Honor to be with Respect
Sir Your Obedt Servant