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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Coor to John Simpson
Coor, James, fl. 1737-1795
September 30, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 825-826

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from James Coor to Colonel John Simpson.

New Bern Septemr 30th, 1776.

Dear Sir,

On the first of this month I sat off to meet the Council in Wake. At Mr Cooms in Dobbs County, was informod they were gone to Salisbury. I then concluded to wait their return which I heard was to be in three weeks, but could not hear of them since until Mr Green tole me they were gone to Halifax. The advertisements respecting the ensuing elections I sent to Colonel Caswells to be forwarded to Council or distributed to the Counties. Several Vessels have arrived here with cargoes of sugar, molasses, salt, powder &c.

The armed Vessels belonging to this State are in want of ball. Could not some be sent immediately from Willcock's forge, and should they not be ordered to cruize off our Coast, or one of them

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loaded on Acct of the public and sent for such things as are immediately wanted? Poor Maxwell in this Gaol begs to be liberated on taking & subscribing an Oath of Alegiance to this State. Should he be indulged herein, perhaps the Council may order it done before Mr Davis the Chairman of this town Committee. If so please send a Coppy of the resolution that he may be discharged. I send your watch for repairing. I paid Mr Tisdale twenty shillings. I have sold my Dwelling house, and must move my family directly. I am preparing a place for them which prevents my relieving you, but I shall if possible give you a few days respite before the meeting of the Congress. Mr Tisdale Contended the New Bern Election with Mr Nash, and there are ten or a dozn Candidates for this County's representation. Please give my best respects to the Gentlemen of the Council and my friends in Halifax, and believe me to be with Great respect

Your Mt Obedt Huml Servt

Pray tell Mr Caddy there is not any Knives to be sold in Newbern.