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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Joseph Leech, Richard Ellis, and David Barron to the North Carolina Council of Safety
Barron, David; Ellis, Richard, fl. 1765-1790; Leech, Joseph, 1720-1803
October 01, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 831-832

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from the Commissioners appointed to fit out the Brig Pennsylvania Farmer to the Council of Safety.

Newbern, October 1st, 1776.


We being intrusted by your Honble Board to fit out an Armed Vessel from this Port, can now inform your Honours that the Brig Pennsylvania Farmer is compleatly fitted man'd ready for service, and hath been so for some months past only for the want of shot, which we have now got, sufficient for a Cruize and as she is so well man'd and fitted, and the whole Crew as well officers as men so anxious of going out rather than be laying allmost Idle in a harbour which does not altogether suit the disposition of a Sailor, and as she has been at a considerable expence to the Country we think it is adviseable she should goe out, as it is quite probable that in a very short time she may reimburse the Country in an ample manner the whole expence and much to spare, by bringing in some valuable prizes, which we hope you'll take into consideration and if approved off by your Honble Board, you'll send us directions to send her on a Cruize. We think no time is to be Lost from Certain Accounts we have had of a fleet of Merchantmen sailing this month from Jamaica to England without convoy.

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We some weeks agoe were anxious of getting the Brig down to the Bar, but could not send her with Safety as she had not a sufficient anchor and Cable, it was thought, to ride out a Gale of Wind which might be expected at this season of the year, and none to be purchased, we thought ourselves Justifiable, especially as so much of the Country's property was depending, in taking one from a Sloop belonging to Mr Schyler of New York, that we were told was to be carried up Trent river there to be Layed up this Winter 'till the Spring, out of the way of Hurricanes, therefore we Judged it could well be spared without any detriment to Mr Schyler sole owner of said Sloop, and as the Country's Service required it we did not think the owner himself had he been here would have had the least objection to it nor do we believe any person else had it not been particularly wanted at the same time for the Brigantine William, belonging to Mr John Wright Stanly and others as we were informed by the master of the said Brig—thus far respecting the said anchor and cable we thought proper to mention to your Honours at this time as we are inform'd a Complaint is intended to be lodged against us respecting the same.

No Commission having as yet been made out for the Pennsylvania Farmer you'll please to send one for her by the Bearer with your directions.

We are Gentlemen your
most obedt Humble Servts