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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Stewart to Willie Jones
Stewart, Alexander, 1725-1772
October 14, 1776
Volume 10, Page 843

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Alexander Stewart to the Council of Safety.

Granville County, 14th Octr, 1776.


I was Paroled to this County by Order of Congress May last, when I left Halifax I aplyed to some of the members of Congress about geting my Cloaths from Cross Creek; they told me that I would be alowed to goe for them, if they were not sent up to me. I never got a opportunity of sending for anything I wanted till the beginning of August last, but a few Days before I sent, they were Carryd away out of Mr Gilliess store by the Commissioners apointed in Cumberland County; they told Mr Gillies that upon my Proving the Property of them, they would be Restored. I cannot prove the property here. I thought my Letters at different times would show plainly they were mine, besides my Trunk & all my Linnens is markd with my Own Name, which I think is all the proof Requisite. As I am Quite Destitute for want of Cloaths & Linnens Just now I hope you'll be soe Good as to send me an Order upon my Trunk & Chist with all my Cloaths and Linnens, and a pass for myself to go for them, as cannot Get any here to go for them, and Especially if must prove the Property of them, there is no other man can do it but myself. I find my Trunk is in Capt. John Walsh's possession, he does not write me about my Chist. I'll Expect your Immediate ansd by the Harrisburg Post to the care of Capt. Campbell, which will greatly oblige.

I am Sir, your most obt servt