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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Jones, Robert Hardy, and Robert Smith to Willie Jones
Jones, Thomas, d. 1797; Hardy, Robert; Smith, Robert
October 18, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 848-849

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from the Commissioners appointed to fit out the Privateer King Tammany, to the Council of Safety.

Edenton, 18th Octr, 1776.


Since the Resolve of your Honorable Board came to hand for the King Tammany to Cruize we have been indefaticable in our endeavours to get her mann'd and rendered fit for Sea, and we have the pleasure to inform you that She is now nearly, or quite complete.

We have lately been informed the Pennsylvania Farmer is gone up to New Bern, to heave down, and will not be ready for some considerable time to proceed on her intended Cruize.

We beg leave to Submit it to your Honble Board whether it might not be best to alter the Cruizes of the Two Vessells and Order the King Tammany to take the first Cruize. Also to allow her to Cruize from Lat: 35 to Lat: 30, to leave the distance from the Coast to the discretion of the Captain, and allow Six weeks for the Cruize in place of four.

What induced us to trouble you on this Occasion was this Consideration, that by the last of the month of November, in all probability, the Jamaica Fleet homeward bound will have crossed these Latitudes, and render the Cruize fruitless to all intents and purposes.

-------------------- page 849 --------------------

We have no doubt but it will Occur to you, it will be necessary to give the Bearer as much dispatch as possible as the King Tammany will be ready to go down next Wednesday.

We have the Honor to be, Most Respectfully Sir,
Your most Obedt Servts, &c.,
Commissioners, &c.