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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Hooper to the North Carolina Council of Safety
Hooper, William, 1742-1790
October 19, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 849-850

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letters from the North Carolina Delegates in the Continental Congress to the North Carolina Council of Safety.

Phila., Oct. 19th, 1776.


This goes with four Waggons charged with different Articles agreeable to Invoices inclosed for the State of North Carolina. The

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necessities of our army at Ticonderoga where the Winter makes such early advances, the pressing demands of General Washington from New York, with the scarcity of cloathing here, will explain to you the reason of this provision having been so long delayed.

We have agreeable to your advice thought it prudent to purchase rather than hire Waggons and Teams and have been particular in the choice of the horses that you may incur as little loss as possible in the sale of them if you should not think proper to reserve them for Continental use. The waggons are well calculated for our roads as in selecting them we have had an eye principally to make them useful to our troops in their movements, as they are light and not constructed upon so heavy a plan as those made use of in the Eastern States. The prices of the Horses and waggons are high but considering the vast demand for them for public use are not excessive.

The proceedings of the Continental Congress since September must be very necessary to assist your deliberations at the next convention. We have therefore sent you 12 copies of them. You will observe the Apology which the Bookseller makes for packing other Articles with them, as they are such as will be useful to the State, or if not may be sold without loss; we have tho't proper to forward them.

As the waggons will proceed very slowly we shall make use of the post or some conveyance which will reach you before this to write you upon the State of public affairs and whatever else we may deem interesting to North Carolina.

We are Gentlemen with great
Respect Your Obedt Servts

We send 200 Copies of the Articles of War.

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: This letter may have enclosed some or all of the invoices for North Carolina supplies dated October 1776 - see related documents.