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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Hooper to Sir [President of the Provincial Congress of North Carolina?]
Hooper, William, 1742-1790
November 06, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 891-892

Philadelphia, November 6th, 1776.


By a letter which the Congress have this moment received from their Genl Secretary at New York no change of any consequence has taken place since I last wrote you.

By a letter received at the same time from General Schuyler we are informed that General Carleton with his Army are at Crown Point, General Gates is at Ticonderoga with a formidable army, every hour receiving reinforcements of men and supplies of provisions from Albany and the Eastern States. Schuyler is of opinion that should the Enemy attack Ticonderoga (and from accounts of two deserters he has great reason to think that they soon will) we shall be able to give a good account of them—& that should they be able (which he does not much apprehend) to compel us to retreat from Ticonderoga, he rests confident that we shall be able to confine him to the lakes this Winter, & before next Spring I hope we shall be able to stop his progress effectually.

-------------------- page 892 --------------------

A Vessell this day arrived from the Southward met with several armed Ships and brigs and from the course they steered he imagined they were bound to Virginia.

A large Turkey ship the original Invoice of whose Cargoe amounted to £36,000 Sterling, is arrived at Salem, taken by a Massachusetts privateer commanded by Captain Forrister.

The above facts may afford some amusement to the Honourable the convention I beg leave therefore thro' you to communicate the same to them.

I am Sir, with great Respect,
Yours & the Convention's
Most Obedt Humble Servt