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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Ordinances of the Provincial Congress of North Carolina concerning a temporary government
North Carolina. Provincial Congress
December 20, 1776
Volume 10, Page 1013

An Ordinance for appointing a Governor, Council of State, and Secretary, until next General Assembly.

I. Whereas it is necessary that a Governor, Council of State, and Secretary, should be immediately chosen: Be it therefore Ordained and Declared, by the Representatives of the Freemen of North Carolina, in Congress assembled, That Richard Caswell, Esq., be, and is hereby constituted and appointed Governor of this State, with the stile and Title of Excellency, to enter upon the Execution of his Office immediately after the Dissolution of this Congress; Cornelius Harnett, Thomas Person, William Dry, William Haywood, Edward Starkey, Joseph Leech, and Thomas Eaton, Esqrs., Members of the Council of State; and James Glasgow, Esq., Secretary; to have, hold, exercise, and enjoy, the said Offices of Governor, Counsellors of State, and Secretary, respectively, with such Powers and Authority as they are respectively vested with by the Form of Government established by this Congress and no other whatsoever, except what is or may be given by any Resolve or Ordinance of this Congress.

II. And be it Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, That the Governor shall be allowed at the Rate of £1500 per annum, as a Salary for his Public Services; and that each member of the Council of State shall be allowed at the rate of 20s. per Day, for each Day's travelling to, attending at, and returning from the Council, together with his Ferriages, to be paid them out of the Public Treasury; and that the Secretary shall be intitled to the same Fees, Privileges and Emoluments, as the Provincial Secretary heretofore held and enjoyed.

III. And be it Ordained, by the Authority aforesaid, That this Ordinance shall continue and be in Force until the End of the next Session of the General Assembly, and no longer.