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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from an inhabitant of Connecticut to an inhabitant of New York [Extract as printed in the New York Gazette and Weekly Mercury]
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Volume 10, Page 1025

[Reprinted from the New York Gazette and the Weekly Mercury of 9th September, 1771.]
Letter about Governor Tryon and the Regulators in North Carolina.

New-York, September 9.
Extract of a Letter from a Gentleman in Connecticut, to his Friend in this City.

“I suppose Col. Tryon has done more for the Support of Government in North America, than all the Governors in it. If that most daring and dangerous Rebellion that has happen'd this Age, had not been quelled by Him, an universal Revolt would have succeeded in all the Colonies: For you may depend upon it, this was the last Scheme of all the Sons of Faction, to Collect a Body there, as they supposed that Government the least able to resist them: But God be thanked that they have found a Tryon!