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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Wilmington Committee of Safety to Francis Parry
Wilmington (N.C.). Committee of Safety
February 27, 1776
Volume 10, Pages 479-480

No. 4.

Wilmington, 27th Feby, 1776.


The reasons why his Majesties ships have not been supplied with the usual quantity of Provisions, is so obvious, that it cannot possibly have escaped the sagacity of Captain Parry. The Trade of this Colony hath been distressed by the Kings Ships, even contrary to the acts of the British Parliament. The Military Stores, the Property of the People have been seized with an avowed Intention to subjugate them to slavery. The fort which the People had built at a great Expence for the protection of their Trade made use of for a purpose the very reverse, and when they attempted to demolish it they have been fired upon by the ships of war. The Slaves of the American Inhabitants, have been pursued, and many of them seized and inveigled from their duty, and their live Stock & other property killed & plundered, long before the Committee thought it necessary to deny the Ships a supply of Provisions; and to Crown all, you Sir for the Second Time, have brought up the Cruizer and several Armed Vessels, to cover the landing of an Army Composed of highland banditti, most of whom are as destitute of Property, as they are of Principle, & none of whom you will ever see, unless as fugitives imploring protection. Tho' you should come up before the Town, you cannot expect any other answer than what we now give you. We have not the least intention of opposing either your Ships or Boats, unless you should attempt to injure us. And whenever you

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may think proper to treat the Inhabitants as his Majesties officers did heretofore, we shall be happy to receive you in the manner which we always wish to receive those who have the honour to bear his Majesties Commission. I am by Order of the Committee

Sir Your obed. Serv.
To Capt. Parry.