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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Address from the Rowan County Committee of Safety to the county militias
Rowan County (N.C.). Committee of Safety
June 1775
Volume 10, Pages 10-11

An Address to the Several Militia Captains and their Companies.


We, his Majesty's Loyal subjects the Committee of the County of Rowan propose to your Consideration and Assent, the following things:

That his Majesty George the third is lawful and rightful King of Great Britain and the Dominions thereunto belonging.

That by the Constitution of our Government we are a free People, not subject to be taxed by any power but that of that happy Constitution which limits both Sovereignty and Allegiance, which defends us from being taxed by any Man or set of Men without Representation and Consent, and declares it illegal for any to dispose of others property in a different way.

That it is our Duty to defend the Succession of his present Majesty and the illustrious Hanoverian line—likewise the happy Constitution under which we live, and that it is our Duty to Surrender our

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lives, before our Constitutional privileges to any set of Men upon earth. We bespeak such of you as may be of a different Opinion to consider the Bill of Rights and the Compact on which the Constitution is founded, that you may see to what end different principles may lead.

Each Captain and such of his Company as think it their Duty to hand down unimpaired to posterity the Rights and Privileges their ancestors through seas of Blood handed down to them, are desired to join their hands hereto.