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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Commission to appoint James St. John as Surveyor General of South Carolina and Inspector General of North Carolina and South Carolina
George II, King of Great Britain, 1683-1760
March 22, 1730
Volume 11, Pages 1-3

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[B. P. R. O. Plantations General. B. T. vol: 55. p. 65.]
Copy of the King's Warrant appointing James St John Surveyor of Lands in South Carolina and Inspector of Quit Rents in North and South Carolina of £100 per Ann: Proclamation Mony of Carolina during Pleasure.

March 22nd 1730;
George R.

George the second by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c: to all to whom these presents shall come Greeting Whereas by means of good and sufficient assurances in the Laws and by virtue of an act of Parliament passed in the second year of our Reign Intituled An Act for establishing an Agreement with seven of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina for the surrender of their Title and interest in that Province to his Majesty We our Heirs and Successors are seized in right of our Crown of and in all these seven undivided Eighth parts (the whole into eight equal Parts or Shares to be divided) of and in sundry Provinces or Territories called Carolina which his late Majesty King Charles the Second granted in perpetuity to sundry Persons in the said Act named their Heirs and Assignes and made created and constituted the same Persons their Heirs and Assignes the true and absolute Lords and Proprietors of the said Country and by virtue of the same assurances and Act of Parliament

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seven eighth parts the whole into eight equal parts to be divided of all and every arrears of Quit rents and other Rents sum and sums of money debts duties accounts Reckonings Claims and demands whatsoever then due and owing to the said Lords Proprietors are vested in us our Heirs and Successors as in and by the said conveyances and assurances the Tenours whereof are recited in the said Act and also by the said Act relation being thereunto had may more fully and at large appear. Now Know ye that we very much confiding in the Ability Care and Fidelity of our Trusty and Wellbeloved James St John Gent have nominated constituted and appointed and by these Presents do nominate constitute and appoint him the said James St John to be our Surveyor General for the admeasuring Surveying and setting out of Lands in that part of our Province of Carolina called South Carolina and to do execute and perform by himself or his sufficient deputy or deputies all things whatsoever which belong to the said office of surveyor general and to receive and take all Fees Perquisites Profits and Advantages whatsoever thereunto incident or appertaining. And Whereas we are advised it will be for our service that a particular officer should be appointed to inspect and comptrole the Quit Rents and other Rents and Revenues arising to us as well within our said Province of South Carolina as within our Province of North Carolina Know ye therefore that we have nominated constituted & appointed and do by these Presents nominate constitute and appoint him the said James St John to be the Inspector and controller of the Quit Rents and other Rents and Revenues arising to us as well within our said Provinces or Territories aforesaid To have hold exercise and enjoy as well the said office of Surveyor General as the said office of Inspector and Controller by himself or his sufficient deputy or deputies for and during our pleasure and we do hereby charge and require the said James St John in the exercise and execution of the said respective offices or either of them to observe and perform all such orders Rules and Instructions as either We or the High Treasurer or Commissioners of our Treasury for the time being or our Commissioners for Trade & Plantations for the time being shall in that behalf from time to time think fit to order direct and appoint And for the encouragement of the said James St John to execute the said respective Offices and every of them in all things as becometh We have given and granted and
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do by these presents give and grant unto the said James St John the salary or allowance of one hundred pounds per ann: in the Proclamation money of Carolina which said allowance of One hundred pounds per. ann: is to commence from the day of the date hereof and to be had and received by him or his assignes from time to time Quarterly during our Pleasure out of our said Quit rents or other our said Rents and Revenues by the hands of the Receiver General thereof for the time being and the acquittances of the said St John or his assignes for the same shall be unto our said Receiver General good and sufficient discharges for the payment thereof. And we do hereby order and direct that these presents be forthwith entered and inrolled before the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations and before the Auditor and Surveyor General of our Revenues in America and being so entered and inrolled we do charge and require all our Governors Lieut: Governors Commanders in Chief and other our Officers and Ministers whatsoever within our said Provinces and Territories to take notice thereof and to be aiding and assisting unto the said James St John his Deputy or Deputies in the due Execution of any the Offices to which he is hereby nominated in all things as becometh and as our Service may require. Given at our Court at St James this 22d day of March 1730, in the fourth year of our Reign.

By his Majesty's command
Intratur in Offic Horat Walpole
Armig Audit Americ 26 die

March 1731 Anno Rni Georgii
2di Reg Quarto
Pet: Leheup.