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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Johnson to the Board of Trade of Great Britain [Extract]
Johnson, Robert, 1677-1735
September 28, 1732
Volume 11, Pages 20-21

[B. P. R. O. So Carolina B. T. Vol: 7. e. 72.]

Charles Town. the 28th Sep: 1732.

My Lords,

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Governor Burrington has by letter desired a Gentleman of this Province to advertize in the News Papers printed in Charles Town that all land on the North side of Wacamaw River is by the King's Instructions in North Carolina Government and who ever has a mind to take up Lands there must take out their Grants in North Carolina your Lordships may remember how much he insisted at your Board to have all Wacamaw River the Boundary of the two Governments and that you were pleased to allow him but only 30. miles to the South of Cape Fair River Keeping the course of that River to the head thereof but he now interprets the latter part of His Majesty's 110th Instruction his own way waves the first part of it and says because Wacamaw River does 100. or 200. miles from the sea come within 30. miles of Cape Fair River that River is to be the Boundary from the mouth of it: I did a twelve months ago by the advice of the Council write him word that he would send Commrs to meet his and Settle the boundarys but he has not answered that Letter and now desires the aforesaid

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advertisement to be published which makes it appear what he designs to insist upon and I fear no boundary can be settled unless yr Lordships please to declare that the Intention of that Instruction is that he shall have no more than 30. miles to the South of Cape Fair River unless the mouth of Wacamaw River lyes within 30. miles of Cape Fair River which it does not for it is near 90. miles and comes into Wyniaw Bay as was made appear to your Lordships by the Map then before you for the River keeps a course Parralel to the sea a great way and makes a great neck of land which would bring his boundary into the bowels of our present Settlements on that side the Province therefore hope your Lordships will please to continue the Intention of the Instruction and let him and me know your pleasure.

I am
with great respect
My Lords
Your Lordships most obedient
and most humble servant.

Recd Decber 22nd 1732.

Read Augst 27th 1735.