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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Johnson to the Board of Trade of Great Britain [Extract]
Johnson, Robert, 1677-1735
December 15, 1732
Volume 11, Pages 21-22

[B. P. R. O. So: Carolina B. T. Vol: 7. e. 77.]

Charles Town, the 15th Dec: 1732.

My Lords,

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I have before me your Lordships of June 21st relating to a Paragraph of Governor Burrington's Letter intimating apprehensions he is under that our Indians are expected to make some attempt against those of North Carolina I pretty much wonder he should be uneasy at the thoughts of that happening because by the Copy of his Letter he seems to think they deserve Chastisement and Mr Watis's Journal which I enclose who we sent our Agent to demand Justice of the Tuscorora Indians will fully aprize your Lordships of all that affair.

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A Nation of Indians called the Catawbas living within the Limits of this Government have a long time been at War with the Tuscororas of North Carolina and it is always the maxim of our Government upon the Continent to promote War between Indians of different Nations with whom we trade and are at peace with ourselves for in that consists our safety being at War with one another prevents their uniting against us.

If any material action had happened on this affair I should have been sure to have given your Lordships a particular account of it but the Tuscororas not having since Mr Watis's Parley with them before Mr Burrington done us any damage and the Catawbas having made no expedition upon the Tuscororas I thought what your Lordships might find mentioned in the Journals of Council & Assembly formerly sent your Lordsps was sufficient It is true the five Nations are in amity with the Tuscororas and some of them were with the party who carried our slaves and horses away but we hear only from Mr Burrington of so furious a War being likely to be carried on they seldom attack one another in such large bodys Partys of 30. or 40. Men go out and if they can steal anything and kill 2. or 3. old Women or Men they soon return contented. Tis' only such a War that we hear of yet Indeed if again the Tuscaroras had insulted and robbed our Planters I believe we should have been obliged to have headed their enemies the Catawbas against them and then your Lordships should have had an account of it.

I acquainted your Lordships with Governor Burrington's way of construing His Majesty's Instruction relating to the Boundarys of the two provinces which is very necessary should be settled I must therefore beg your Lordships explanation of the said Instruction I shall only observe that it will be very inconvenient Wacamaw River should be the Boundary for the mouth of it comes into Wymea Bay where we have a great settlement and a collector of the customs who can't prevent illegal Trade if that be for a ship may go a little way up Wacamaw River and then is in North Carolina Government and of his Jurisdiction as has already been a plea I enclose his advertisement and mine.

I am with great respect
My Lords
your Lordships most obedient
and most humble servant