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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Johnson to Peregrine Fury [Extract], including cover letter from Fury to the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Johnson, Robert, 1677-1735
March 14, 1735
Volume 11, Pages 25-26

[B. P. R. O. So: Carolina. B. T. Vol: 7. e. 50.]

8th May May 1735.

May it please your Lordships

I beg leave to lay before your Lordships an Extract of a Letter I have lately received from Robert Johnson Esqre Governor of South Carolina dated the 14th of March last relating to the Boundarys to be settled between that Province and North Carolina. And humbly pray your Lordships will be pleased with the first convenient opportunity to give some directions upon the matter therein contained.

I am with great respect
your Lordships
most humble and most
obedient servant

To the Right Honble the Lords Commissioners for Trade & Plantations.

Extract of Letter from His Excellency Robert Johnson Esqre Govr of His Majesty's Province of South Carolina dated 14th of March 173 4-5 to Peregrine Fury Esqre Agent to the Sd Province.

Our Assembly will within a few days send Commissioners to

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join those of North Carolina to run out the division line tho' we apprehend with little probability of success The Governor of that Province by his letter to me putting a very different construction from what we imagine is the real intent of His Majesty's Instruction on the subject for he conceives that if any part of Waccamaw River lies within thirty miles of any Part of Cape Fear River Waccamaw River shall be the Boundarys whereas we think it is plain that the Intention and true meaning of the Instruction is that if Waccamaw River happen at the mouth to be within thirty miles of Cape Fear River then it shall be the Boundary and not otherwise I am very positive that was the Lords of Trade opinion when I was with them in England but whether they have altered it since I have no authority to believe, having received no new Instruction on that head I begg you will take a proper opportunity to solicit their Lordships for such a further explanation as they may think necessary in order the limits may be run out and settled as soon as possible according to his Majesty's Intentions.

Reced May 8th 1735.

Read June 6th 1735