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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Circular letter from Charles Wyndham, Earl of Egremont to the American governors
Egremont, Charles Wyndham, Earl of, 1710-1763
December 12, 1761
Volume 11, Pages 145-146

[B. P. R. O. Am: & W. Ind: Vol: 77.]
Circular Letter.

Whitehall Dec: 12th 1761.


The King having taken it into his most serious consideration how highly essential it is to the Interest and Security of his Subjects

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in North America that the regular regiments serving in that Country be recruited with all convenient Expedition to their full Complement of Effectives and at the same time seeing the impracticability of compleating them from Great Britain, considering how this Country is drained by the great number of Men furnished for the various services in all parts of the World I am therefore to signify to you the King's Pleasure that you do immediately on the receipt of this Letter exert your utmost Influence to induce your Province to carry into the most speedy and effectual Execution this very important object by immediate compliance with any Requesition which Sir Jefferey Amherst shall in consequence of his Majesty's Orders make for furnishing on certain conditions which he will explain to you such a number of recruits from your Province as he shall demand as their Quota towards compleating the regular regiments which have been sent to America for the defence and protection of the possessions of his Majesty's subjects there. And the King cannot doubt but that the Provinces will cheerfully and readily comply with this reasonable demand so obviously calculated for their own security and advantage at the same time that your Zeal for His Majesty's service will naturally excite you to use all your Influence and Power in bringing effectually to bear a Measure which His Majesty has so much at heart and with regard to which any Failure or Disappointment would be extremely disagreable.

I am &c