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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the North Carolina Committee of Correspondence to the South Carolina Committee of Correspondence
North Carolina. Committee of Correspondence
June 10, 1774
Volume 11, Pages 245-246

[From Calender of Virginia State Papers. Vol. 8 pages 58 & 59.]
(To the Gentlemen, the Committee of correspondence appointed by the Colony of South Carolina.)

North Carolina, June 10th, 1774.


We send you by express copies of sundry Letters and Papers which came yesterday from the Northern Colonies respecting the arbitrary and oppressive proceedings against the town of Boston, in the Province of Massachusetts Bay—Proceedings which must necessarily affect every free inhabitant of British America with the most alarming apprehensions for their dearest rights.

We wish it were in our power to furnish you with the united sense of the inhabitants of this Province from the votes of their Representatives, but as this cannot be had on this emergency, we can only give you our own sentiments and what we believe will be

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theirs whenever they have an opportunity of expressing them: That the inhabitants of this Province ought to consider themselves interested in the cause of the town of Boston as the cause of America in general.

That they will concur with and co-operate in such measures as may be concerted and agreed on by their Sister Colonies on this occasion.

That in order that there may be a conformity and unanimity in the Councils of America, it is absolutely necessary and expedient that deputies be appointed by the several Colonies to meet and deliberate on all measures that may be deemed necessary to the support of the general interest.

That in case the Governors of the different Colonies should refuse or decline to call an Assembly of the Representatives of the people that they should in pursuance of the laudable example of the respectable members of the late House of Burgesses of Virginia meet and form associations to consider the most probable means of defeating and counteracting every attack on the rights of the Colonies in general, or any of them, and that in case the act of Parliament, on which our apprehensions are grounded, should be carried into execution, they ought as soon as possible to put a stop to all Commercial intercourse between this Province and Great Britain until the act is repealed.

We join with the Committee of Correspondence of Virginia in requesting that you will be pleased to forward copies of the inclosed papers, together with your own sentiments, to our friends in Georgia by express, and that you will favor us with the results of your deliberations on this very important affair as soon as possible.

We have the honor to be Gentlemen,
Your mo. obed't serv'ts,
Committee for Correspondence for North Carolina.