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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Article from the Remembrancer of Public Events concerning the actions of the Provincial Council of North Carolina
No Author
Volume 11, Page 265

[Reprinted from the Remembrance of Public Events 1776. Part 1. Pages 110 and 111.]

The Provincial Congress of North Carolina broke up on Sunday the 10th of September, 1775, after having sat three weeks at Hillsborough: they have raised 1000 men and have voted 50,000l proclamation money to be immediately struck for the subsistence of the troops and 3000 minute men who are to be immediately enlisted: they have appointed a Provincial Council of Safety, consisting of 13 persons, with full powers to regulate the army, and in all things to act for the strengthening, securing, and defending the Colony, against the attempts of external and internal enemies; which Council is to meet at Johnston's court-house on the third Tuesday of this month, and every three months thereafter, if found necessary. Committees of safety, consisting also of 13 persons, are appointed for each district in the Province, who, under the control of the Council of Safety, are to direct the operation of the army; they are likewise, with the Council of Safety, to compel all debtors, suspected of intending to remove themselves out of the province, to give security to their creditors, and in default thereof, to cause the person or effects of such debtor, at the option of the creditor, to be secured till the creditors are satisfied.