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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the Continental Congress concerning trade in naval stores among the colonies
United States. Continental Congress
February 13, 1776
Volume 11, Pages 272-273

[From Ms. Records in office of Secretary of State.]
Continental Resolve respecting the exporation of Naval stores from Colony to Colony

In Congress Tuesday February 13th 1776

Resolved that when Naval Stores shall be wanting in any of the United Colonies, the Assembly Convention, or Committee of Safety of such Colony may intrust a proper person or persons to Import the same taking sufficient security of him or them that they will faithfully use their best endeavours to import the same, into such Port or Ports as the said Assembly, Convention, or Committee of safety shall direct, and as much as possible to avoid all British men of War and matters giving him or them a certificate or certificate of the Naval Stores wanted, and also of his having given the said security and that it will be Recommended to the Convention, Council of Safety and Committees of observation and Inspection of North Carolina, upon receiving such certificates to permit the person or persons producing the same, to export the Naval Stores wanted by the Colony applying for the same, to such Colony.

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It is further recommended to the said Convention Council of Safety Committees of Inspection and observation in North Carolina to give permission to such Vessels as may have arrived in that Colony for those Articles or such of the vessels belonging to that Colony as they may think proper, to export Naval Stores to any of the United Colonies they taking security as in the other cases above mentioned

Extract from the minutes