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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
List of loyalist prisoners from the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge sent to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
North Carolina. General Assembly
April 1776
Volume 11, Pages 294-295

List of Prisoners destined for Philadelphia

1 His Excellency Donald McDonald Esqr Brigadier General of the Tory Army and Commander in chief in North Carolina

2 Colonel Allen McDonald (of Kingsborough) first in Commission of Array and second in Command

3 Alexander McDonald son of Kingsborough

4 Major Alexander McDonald (Condrack)

5 Capt Alexander McRay

6 Capt John Leggate

7 Capt James McDonald

8 Capt Alexr McLeod

9 Capt Alexr Morrison

10 Capt John McDonald

11 Capt Alexr McLeod

12 Capt Murdock McAskell

13 Capt Alexander McLeod

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14 Capt Angus McDonald

15 Capt Neil McArthur

16 Capt James Mens of the light horse

17 Capt John McLeod

18 Capt Thos Wier

19 Capt John McKenzie

20 Lieut John Murchison

21 Kennith McDonald Aid de Camp to Genl McDonald

22 Murdock McLeod Surgeon

23 Adjutant General John Smith

24 Donald McLeod Quarter Master

25 John Bethune Chaplain

26 Farquard Campbell late a delegate in provincial Congress—Spy and Confidential Emisary of Governor Martin—

[Endorsed] A List of prisoners sent from N. Carolina to Philadelphia enclosed in Letter of 22 of April 1776